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    As I'm holding a friends T415, I see the MS backup function. As he is not a power user, I'll not trouble him, but is the MS backup similar to the FULL backup that the SpringBoard provided my Visor? If so, I'll swing for the 16MS at the same time I buy the T615c, if not, I guess I'll look into backup buddy or some such offering.

    Any experiences you are willing to share?

    BTW, just got in line for the EB Slipper...thanks for the tips!
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    To the best of my knowledge, MSBackup performs pretty much the same function as the Backup Module.

    I have been using it on my CLIE 760 since DayOne.

    You insert the MS into the slot, launch MSBackup and hit GO. The entire device is backed up rather quickly.

    One thing to note, if your PDA has 16MB RAM, then the MS must have 16MB free. If you have a 32MB MS, you can backup your handheld two times on one stick.

    The odd part is, if only 4MB of RAM are used, then you will have 12MB free on the card, but you still cannot do another backup. I guess the software does not query the device to see how much data will actually be backed up.

    The other oddity are the restores. Several users have stated that you cannot use a MemoryStick to restore to a different device. If you break your CLIE and buy a new one, the MSBackup will not work to restore it. It will work fine if you perform a HardReset, but only on the same device.

    Personally, the solution is fine with me. Many users opt for something like BackupBuddy for some of the advanced features, but for what I want, MSBackup is fine.

    It is loaded into ROM, so even if you perform a HardReset you should be able to recover.
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    Good info GSR13, it looks like this change is going to be a no brainer. Thanks for the report. Now, I gotta get back on the Clie boards...just feel more at home here since I spent so much time in the past. Sure would have been nice if HS advanced as quickly as Sony did...
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    I just wanted to add that there really is no point in getting a 16mb memory stick. For only a couple bucks more you can get a 32mb stick. Heck you can get a 64mb stick for about $35 or a 128mb stick for $55.


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