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    I hate leaving Visor land as I have been here since the beginning, but after outfitting the family with 4 DLX's and going from a DLX to a Platnium, it's time to move on. I loved my Rhodiana and Vaja cases, but it appears they do not produce a belt case for the Clie, so has anyone found a good belt case along the same lines?

    Thanks for the help.
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    After I saw the Sony T615c at BestBuy, I decided to get the Sony. I waited long enough for the Color Edge. Maybe when they do come out with one, I will take a look at it.

    Well, to your question, have you looked at the EB Cases. Their web site is I ordered mines on Feb 5. I have not received it yet because the cases are new and you have to preordered. From what I heard from EB Cases representative, they are coming in any day. I am keeping my finger crossed.
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    Thanks for the quick reply. Looks like what I'm after and I remember what a loyal following the Slippers had back when Visors were new. Quality and fit should be good and it will be especially nice to be able to sync with the case on.

    Website did say they were shipping if that's any comfort.
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    Doh! Scrolled down a bit more and saw the backorder...sorry about the bad info I posted above.
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    I have mine in a palm m50x leather belt clip case. At first, it was a tight fit (the T6xx series are a bit longer than the m50x) but the leather stretched out and now it fits fine. The case is slightly wider than necessary for the T6xx, but the thickness is just right.

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