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    I know this isn't directly related to apps per se, but this was the thread that I read the most (as well as lacking an all purpose/generic Palm thread in which to place this), so I thought it the most fitting place to post.

    With this being my last night using a Palm device (700p with a Droid showing up tomorrow), I just wanted to thank everyone (left?) here for all of the advice given, whether or not I was the intended recipient. It was boards like these that really made my Palm experience more enjoyable than I could have expected for the OS, and upon some reflection felt compelled to express my gratitude to those that are remaining. Thank you all very much, and I wish you all the best with your handhelds and smartphones going forward.

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    Sorry to see you go, as this is the first web site I came back to with my 755P replacement (Asurion) due to me cracking the screen. Little ****ed I had to pay a $100 but it is exactly what I need and w/ Chatteremail can't be beat.
    To quote Heston theyll pry this from my cold dead hand.
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    Hi Alll
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    I am Janet
    I am new here..

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