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    Click HERE to get the new Blue T-615 for $359 from

    Then use the coupon code:




    to get $10 off their price of $359. They have free shipping for purchases over $99. So that means you can get a Royal Blue T-615 for only $349 shipped!

    Better hurry! ^_^

    BTW I apologize in advance to those who are tired of these kinds of posts. Again, I'd just like to say that I've been helped by MANY kind hearted folks on this forum and I'm just trying to give back in any way that I can.

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    No need to apolgize!!
    That IS a Palm III form-factor in my pocket, AND I'm happy to see you.
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    Oh man!

    Ok check this out....

    You can get the Blue T-615 from Amazon for $339 with free shipping! But only for today (2/18) Go to's T-615 and use the coupon code:


    to get $20 off the normal price of $359!


    EDIT: It looks like Amazon is currently out of stock of the Blue ones, but this code also works on the silver ones. Anyway getting the Blue T615 for $339 might be worth the wait for some?
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    Originally posted by slotmachine
    No need to apolgize!!
    Pricing up an item eh Slot?
    It's all about how you spend the money.

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