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    After reading the article, "Fan vs. Fanatic" I started to question my own loyalty. I am definitely a BIG PALM FAN. However some interesting and important thoughts were brought up. In this age of modern technology, I, like most consumers want the best product. True, price is a factor that needs to be weighed in to the decision, but none of us would have ever even bought a Pre, or care this much about smart phones if we only looked for a bargain. Back in March, when I first heard about the Pre, I was as ecstatic for the release of the HTC Touch Pro 2 as I was the Pre. It just so happened that the Pre was released first. I wasn't a Palm rookie either on June 6th; I toted 3 different Treo models over a period of about 4 years, so I knew Palm was a brand I could trust to make a solid product. It's been 5 months now and the Pre has been great, but also frustrating in many areas. I look around at the smart phone world now and I see the HTC Touch Pro 2, the HTC Hero, the HTC HD 2, the iPhone 3GS, a whole plethora of Blackberrys, and more recently, Google's Android phones, and Nokia's new N Series phones. Of course, webOS is among the strongest, if not the strongest OS that any of these phones use, so the Pre is definitely a contender, but are it's other shortcomings too much to overlook? I have been a huge advocate of the Pre to my friends and colleagues. So I feel a sense of connection to it. But I have to wonder... am I missing out on a better phone experience?

    I started this thread to get a sense of the other phones out there that other members were fond of. But I'll ask the question in a different form.
    In 3 months, if the Pre has not made significant changes, (and by significant, I mean whatever changes that you would personally like to see) would you consider switching to a different phone, or stick it out with the Pre? Also, if you did not own a Pre, what other phone out there right now do you think you would have, or want?
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    I have friends with iPhones and I had an Instinct and while I like both of them I wouldn't want one again. I just don't like the touch screen keyboard. I much perfer the Pre over my Instinct (and I'm still learn it...the more I learn the more I like).

    I looked at the Droid (husband is with Verizon) and it is bulky and ugly (yeah I'm superficial on that). He also has a blackberry for work. My sister has a blackberry and I am not impressed with them.

    I have to confess I'm not a 'techy' kinda gal but the Pre is by far the best I've had.
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    Bought my pre off contract so I am up for an update in exactly 3 months and if palm does not make some significant advances I will most definately jump ship. I love the pre for its potential but it is not being utilized right now, right now I have a gpu chip in my pre that I paid for that has been doing nothing for 4 months now.

    Smartphones have so much more potential than a web browser and a calendar which are generally offered in the app store which I am disappointed to say we still do not have yet, not to mention developers are starting to lose interest in web os and focusing on droid and apple. The pre was released early to save palm by beating the iphone 3gs to the market by 2 weeks, which 4 months later it is now becoming evident that palm released the phone far earlier than most had expected. This hurt the consumers because if you take time to play with an iphone or a hero you would see how much the pre is lacking right now.
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    I'll be right HERE...enjoying my Flash 10.1, speedy GPU, and probably drooling over the Pre v2 (hardware) that they will announce at CES.
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    i'll prolly have a VZ Pre as Sprint has cancelled some very critical roaming agreements along my commute to/from work
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    Quote Originally Posted by BMIC50 View Post
    I'll be right HERE...enjoying my Flash 10.1, speedy GPU, and probably drooling over the Pre v2 (hardware) that they will announce at CES.
    I've been wondering about a different hardware style or version for the Pre in the future. Do you have any insight as to what they might be thinking of and when it would be announced. Possibly a horizontal slider with a bigger screen like the htc touch pro 2?

    And yes, I'm definitely sticking around until flash comes out... that would be one of my "significant" changes.
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    After 12 years with Palm, and many of their smartphones since the Treo 650, if my needs are not met in three months, I'll be reading this forum from an iPhone or Droid, without question. I hope that's not the case.
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    I will still have this phone. I am going to get a Touch Pro 2 in the next few days; but, only for the lulz. This OS will keep getting better and better.
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    don't hold your breath waiting on flash, early next year means anywhere from jan. 1 till june 15. Even more importantly this is when adobe said it will be available for web os whether or not web os will be ready for it is a different subject. In my opinion I would lean towards may or june which is much longer than 3 months, this is generally how things work early 2010 sounds better than may 2010 just like gas for 2.49 and 9/10ths a gallon sounds better than 2.50 a gallon.
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    I will be here for sure, this to me is like a girlfriend she might have her shortcomings as well as me..I'm going to hang in guys don't have to wait for nothing from palm because they have not promised anything they have been making great adjustments to the webos...and the devs are awesome with what they have done to help us accomplish many tasks
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    I wouldn't trust your opinion about webos if you paid me to, tomh1102. You seem really negative on the pre anyways. Very lopsided. Besides, you admit that the phone does not have the tools you needed anyways, so trusting a guy who bought the wrong cellphone from the start about cellphones seems a bit like a mistake itself.....

    I'll be here, looking forward to webos 1.7!
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    PM me your questions, If I cant find an answer, I'll show you who can.
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    I'd bet we see flash in febuary/march if not sooner. I still wouldnt hold your breathe for it. But I'd give palm at least some credit. Oh Dbl post ftw!
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    "When there is no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth"

    PM me your questions, If I cant find an answer, I'll show you who can.
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    It is just my opinion I do not have any inside information, for all I know we could get flash tomorrow. I am only pointing out to not get your hopes up about something that may not be here till june and even then will probably take several more months for palm and developers to optimize its uses.

    I could care less if you like my opinion or not but this is a forum for pre users and people thinking of buying a pre looking for info on the phone not a pre fan club. if you are going to get your panties in a bunch every time somebody disagrees with your opinions of the pre this is probably not the place for you try to find a pre fan club to join. Maybe if there was more people like me and less fan boys on here when I was shopping for my phone I would not have bought it.

    The fan boys on this site who call everybody trolls are in reality the trolls on the site, everybody else is just discussing the issues that the phone has and get attacked by a bunch of trolls for having an opinion.
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    (sigh) I'm on many message boards and you well ring of someone who isn't satisified with anything.

    Besides I look at this whole website as more of a 'help me' learning forum than give me all you can that you hate. I betcha if you googled you'd find an "I Hate Palm Pre Site" might be more up your alley.
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    I've tried all major smart phones, except the Droid. The Pre is the best for me. I'll be right here. Each update has shown solid progress from Palm, even if some is more behind the scenes than most users will see.
    Your Pre wants Word Whirl from the App Catalog.

    It told me.
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    did I say troll? Nope cause its against the forum ur bad at buying cellphones and using forums? Although tom its starting to make sense to alot of people if you can't take the time to read the forum rules or understand what this community is how could we expect you to read and understand what the pre is capable of? Another consumer with more $$$ than brains? Nope just an unhappy smartphone owner. I feel bad for you, I've made the same mistake before. But maybe less "Palms fault" and a bit more "my fault" and u may find your spare time is filled with something more useful?
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    Pre is the best phone I've ever had. I use it for more things than I've ever used a phone for before. It keeps getting even better. At this point, I don't see a reason to complain.

    Yeah some of my friend's phones can do things that my Pre can't. But my Pre does a whole lot more than those phone. IMO the tradeoff is in my favor.
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    I agree.......fix the basic stuff too Palm.
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    Unless webOS puts some real meat into the 'crumb tossed' updates we've gotten so far, i'll switch to Android 2.0 when it gets to Sprint. People talk about the high frequency of the updates, but frequency never really ever beats quality (just ask any woman).
    I love the 'look' of webOS, but that's all it has right now- all looks and no brains.
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    I agree with tom. And another thing,if we just sit wayside and not bring up it's shortcomings,then theres no pressure on them to change anything. Here we are 6 months later, with a "smart phone" that has noway to sort my contacts correctly. I am stuck with work,family,friends,and everyone i ever email from ebay to craigslist jumbled up in my contacts. I am already looking at google phones,and sad as it is,i miss my crappy mogul all the time. I wasn't heavily disappointed at launch, I complained about basic things it was lacking, but 6 months later, I am very disappointed.
    I said in another post about palm losing it's customer base,and was countered with sales are good. What I meant was, its new and current base, not returning. I've had several palms, this may be my last. I dont want to buy the pre2, to have basic tools and functions this pre was capable of. By doing that, I will feel "scamed''.
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