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    Quote Originally Posted by mrloserpunk View Post
    why take the teams focus off to design these things when others can do it for you.
    I hope that was half TIC. Most Palm Pre users will not install homebrews, hacks or tweaks. Also, I think 1.3.1 reinforced why this is a strategy to fail for Palm.
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    Quote Originally Posted by boston_ant View Post
    I was having trouble getting my email after 1.3.1 also. I took the battery out and let it sit for 10 minutes last night. Works perfectly now. If you haven't tried this yet, I'd give it a whirl... see if that helps.
    Thanks for the suggestion! I hadn't tried that yet. It didn't help though. I'm almost certain that it's a problem with 1.3.1 in which the webOS email client will not accept certain security certificates. The only fix has been to use webOS doctor to roll back to 1.2.1. I don't feel like I should have to continually ignore updates and I worry that Palm won't address what is only an issue for a small set of their users.
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    Yeah, that sux. Sorry that didn't help.
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    3 months from now I'll be into my 4th month with a Hero, hopefully enjoying Android 2.0. I hope Palm survives; I'm still very fond of all the previous Palm devices I've used and still have. But it's getting close to 6 months since the launch of the Pre, and webOS still has missing functionality and poorly designed PIM apps. Without the homebrew community, webOS would be badly crippled. That's not a winning long-term strategy for Palm.
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