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    I love my Pre.

    I just get bored and like new things. So I am thinking about getting the Touch Pro 2 and checking it out.
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    Hold on everybody I got this one...

    @ MaxLOL Then go ahead and get it, see if we care...

    Yes! Score! Awesome! I sure told him...
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    Thank you for contributing to my thread
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    I was tempted to get one also, that keyboard is by far the best one i've ever used. if it was running Android I would have jumped right on it. was tempted to buy one and try porting android over until I seen the Moment which is what i'm saving up my money for. optical trackball, great keyboard, sweet *** screen, what more could you ask for? I am a fan of HTC Android phones primarily because their the only phones that have a standard serial port and USB port thats great for interfacing with Arduino but my G1 works fine for the now, hopefully I can figure out the pinout on the Moment,'s port.
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    I went from the Touch Pro 2 to the Pre, and it was the right move. The phone was clunky, ran very hot, and the battery life was absolutely atrocious. The phone has some eye candy appeal, but day to day life with it was frustrating.
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    The touch pro 2 is a awesome phone. I have used one many times. Great keyboard and you know the hiccups with WM so that's to be expected. The big screen makes web browsing a breeze. The keyboard is second to none. I was thinking about getting one as my second phone. Once the pre sells on ebay, I might just do that. I like tinkering with WM, it has endless customization.

    The big thing that sucks about WM is it doesn't play pandora well. You can download IVANS cab file over at ppcgeeks, but the text is real small. That is a big deal to me. Sprint nav works great.

    Go for it.
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    I got a TP2 on launch day and got rid of it within 48 hours. It had a beautiful screen and was reasonably snappy but I just didn't like it. I ended up buying my second Pre (bought one on launch day and returned that soon thereafter as well). Now I'm moving on to the Hero... yikes, I guess I kinda go through a lot of phones...

    - Tate
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    How about the Samsung Moment?? That looks cool.
    My HTC Evo Is Great...
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    Man I would go with the HTC HD2. It just looks amazing. HTC are amazing company, if they can make me want a Win Mob device, that is just impressive!
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    I was gonna sell my pre on ebay but decided to just trade it for a tp2. I am pretty happy with it. The phone is built rock solid and windows has endless possibilities. Overall the tp2 is a great phone and I think you would be happy with it. The roms over a ppcgeeks make the phone even better
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    From my experience, the phone's resistive screen can make it very frustrating to use. They've attempted to make it finger friendly but the technology is holding it back. How often do you tap 2 or 3 times before it registers. Also, for whatever reason, these (like some other wm devices) can be down right buggy. I've deployed several to my users as a replacement for blackberrys as our global devices. I had to replace my boss' because of ongoing random reboots. There are lot of pluses and minuses with these. Additionally, one of our partner companies had most of it's Touch Pro 2 users turn them in for smaller screen Treo Pro's because of TP2's quirkiness (can't answer calls, phone not ringing, lock ups, etc.) Potentially a great device. But, I'm not sold on the execution. Now looking toward the HD2 for evaluation.

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