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    I have a n610c. It has all sorts of "problems." I'd like to be able to take it back to the store, but my 14 days has passed AND it was the last one, anyway.

    Oh well...

    The problems are:

    "autolock after a period of inactivity" doesn't work reliably.

    Sometimes, the jogassist feature stops working.

    A lot of Fatal Alerts (I agree that this one could be a conflict with third party apps/drivers.)

    In talking to tech support, they say that everything is working as designed (I suppose it's possible...).

    They tell me that the "autolock after a period of inactivity" only works with the Clie left on. That seems ridiculous. It has option to autolock after many hours of inactivity. Who would leave the Clie on for that long?

    My understanding is that "inactivity" is occuring when you're doing nothing with it (ie, it's off and in your briefcase, etc.). Therefore, if I have it set to 1 hour, and leave it in my briefcase for a couple of hours, when I turn it on again, it should ask for the password. Right?

    On the subject of the jogdial. I can almost swear that I've used it in the datebook and in Datebk4 to move up and down between calendar items. Then pressing the jogdial in brings up the details screen.

    On my Clie, I cannot select individual items at all. They say this problem is probably caused by a software issue. But, even after a hardreset (before loading ANY data or programs), I cannot select individual datebook items that I create.

    Is it just me?

    They say I can send it in and they can reload the OS for me, but they also say that it will be a waste of time, since it's really my fault and my misinterpretation of the functionality.

    I asked if he could try it on one there, but interestingly, he said that they don't have access to any Clies there in support.

    Can someone test and comment on these issues? Am I misinsterpreting the features?

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    No Clies in support: This is not surprising. Most tech support is a room full of people with moderate training (or less) and a computer full of advice. They are often hired out by the manufacturer, and usually 'support' a lot of stuff besides what you are calling about.
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    I appear to be down to only one problem now: Autolock after a period of inactivity.

    The JogDial problem appears to have been caused by a 3rd party launcher conflict. Once the conflict is there, it takes several resets to make it go away...

    This autolock thing is bugging me, though. I don't want to have to buy a third party security application just to lock my Clie after two hours of non-use.

    Am I doing something wrong?

    Is anybody actually using this feature on a day to day basis? I don't mean just testing it for me (which I would still appreciate, buy the way), but actually using it every day? I can get it to work sometimes, but just when I think it's working, it stops locking...


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    I was not able to reproduce your problem with my upgraded 710. I don't use that feature on a daily basis. I've heard that the built in PalmOS security isn't all that secure.

    I've used a program called OnlyMe by Tranzoa in the past and it seemed to work flawlessly with regard to autolocking and all other aspects. It was recently upgraded to be compatible with OS 4.1 CLIE's. Alex at Tranzoa was very responsive when I had a minor problem with the app a while back.
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