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    I'm interested in finding out about the current state-of-the art in wireless ethernet connectivity for PDAs, both the PalmOS and PPC varieties.

    A number of radiologists in my department have started jumping on the PDA bandwagon, and now they're starting to think about ways of using them to access things like dictated reports and such. Maybe even x-rays too, although I suspect they won't be terribly impressed with seeing images on a PDA once they actually see it.

    I'm already aware of a few options, like the Xircom wireless springboard for the Visors (a solution I'm leaning towards because I already have a Platinum), Handera and CF cards. What I'm not too familiar with are wireless ethernet possibilities for Palm/Sony and PPCs (i.e. Jornada, Ipaq, etc).

    I'd appreciate any feedback and pointers on the subject.
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    PPCs have both CF card and PC card options. I've seen wireless ethernet (802.11b) cards, as well as some that are CDPD wireless modems -- like the omnisky for PalmOS products. Take a look at MobilPlanet's wireless section to see some of the options.


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