im beginning to believe comcast is going to have higher subscriptions then sprint will in the 4g sales.

High-Speed 2go™ Nationwide (4G/3G): For the fastest speeds outside the 4G coverage area! This service is ideal for your business if you to intend to travel between 4G and 3G coverage areas, providing continued service outside the optimal 4G network.

* 4G/3G dual mode services provide the same blazing-fast Internet speeds within the 4G network, and 3G speeds outside the network
* Nationwide wireless coverage with 3G service

Pricing With Agreement For Business Class Internet 1-Year Agreement 2-Year Agreement
Service 4G and 3G 4G and 3G
Monthly Price $50 $50
Cost of 4G/3G Data Card $229 FREE
Activation Fee $49 FREE
Standard Pricing Without Internet Agreement
Monthly Price $80
Cost of Data Card $229
Activation Fee $49
Monthly Usage Cap N/A
Max Connection Speed 3.0 - 6.0 Mbps / 1 Mbps
Wireless Commitment N/A
12-Month Warranty INCLUDED
30-Day Money Back Guarantee INCLUDED
Additional Charges
3G On-Network Overage Charges
(5GB Per Month Cap) $.10 / MB
3G Off-Network Roaming Charges
(100MB Per Month Domestic Roaming Included) $1.00 / MB
International Roaming
Canada $20 / 10MB
Other Destinations $20 / 5MB
Device Insurance $4.99 / month