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    Good article about the operating systems, but I do not think they took into account the Homebrew side of webOS.

    Smart phone OS showdown: iPhone vs Android vs Palm Pre - Crave at CNET UK

    The Pre gets very good ratings in several categories.

    If the comment below is true then what is the big deal with iTunes???
    "There's another problem with the iPhone -- in order to function, it must be paired to one computer, and one computer only. You can't sync it to a desktop PC and then start using it with your laptop. This is a truly horrible problem caused by iTunes, and so far Apple seems unrepentant."
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    Thanks for the link. Im at work and at lunch! So I will take a look at it!
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    they user a UK Pre running on 1.1.3, that's a little ********
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    oh my lord...13 adveritsement laiden pages.

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