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    I peronaly don't even own a computer. I have had a touch diamond for a year, and in that year was able to create a resume on it, upload it to web pages, also pictues uploaded. I have the pre now, and although I can't create and upload certain documents, I find that there's pages I couldn't render on winmo that I can render with web os. For the most part, my palm pre takes care of all my computer needs, and is my computer...I like that topic, the browser is the most important feature on any phone I own, I hope there are more things coming, like flash and more settings, but I am very happy with my pre web browser
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    im using the Pre more and more as a replacement to my computer, but if im at home, im using my laptop (MyTethered to my Pre)
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    I used programs to teather from my windows phones, I haven't used my pre for this, does the my teather cause you any problems, is it easy to install?

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