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Slashdot Games Story | Lawsuit Claims Top iPhone Games Stole User Data

The complaint claims best-selling games made by Storm8 contained secret code that bypassed safeguards built into the iPhone to prevent the unauthorized snooping of user information.
It's not the first time Storm8 has been accused of spying on its users. In August, writer Yobi Benjamin analyzed precisely what information his iPhone was sending to Storm8 and dropped it into this column.
Storm8 responded by acknowledging it had been collected user phone numbers and blamed the situation on "a bug that has been fixed."
This seems a bit disconcerting to both Apple's "walled garden" approach to the app store and to the dangers of our modern smartphones. We have a lot of personal data on these systems, all condensed down, interlinked, and always connected to the Internet for our convenience. Even something as unrelated as a game can now broadcast our personal information to the highest bidder.

It's been said that security is a process, not a product. Hopefully Palm is aware of this.