View Poll Results: What is your stance on the Pre and WebOS in general???

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  • I Have a Pre anfd will stick with WebOS regardless!!!

    53 56.99%
  • I have a Pre and am looking at other options ATM...

    18 19.35%
  • I jumped ship to another platform and never coming back!!!

    8 8.60%
  • I jumped ship to another platform till the next gen Pre is announced

    4 4.30%
  • Other (please specify)

    10 10.75%
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    For me it's pretty simple, it was going to be either a iPhone OS, or WebOS device. Simply because Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian, Blackberry never really got my attention, too messy - and as e-mail and browsing is the most important thing for me, I like the experience that they offer me. I've had the iPhone (3G) for almost a year and while everything works (with some minor "issues") it was boring, and I missed having a physical keyboard. I did however, love it's Browsing experience - having a fast WebKit based browser with multitouch, you just can't beat that.

    Fact is, when I Ýrdered my GSM Pre I was already aware of all the issues that people post here, the build quality definetly can use some improvement and the interface should be faster (remember Palm OS? *click* done), but I am proud to once again own a Palm device, I am proud to have been there in the early years, and happy to be back. It's refreshing, WebOS has a lot of potential and wether Palm is going to live up to that or will go down with the ship (as some people are predicting) doesn't matter to me. I am part of it.

    (oh and I really have nothing against Apple, I'm a huge fan and everybody is like "what! you sold your iPhone?!", to which I simply reply; I got something better.)
    My Palm History (in order): IIIe SE, m130, Tungsten|T, m505, Tungsten|T3, Zire 71, m505 (owned two different ones), Zire 72, Tungsten|C, T|X, Treo 650.
    After that I got a Apple iPhone 3G, Palm Pre (GSM), Google Nexus One.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dj ozone View Post
    you can save images:
    orange + click > copy to photos

    to delete emails quickly:
    go to list view and side swipe them off the list
    Gosh, that's incredible. I spent a few hours searching and all I found where forum posts with people asking how to save images and lots of answers saying that wasn't possible. I also searched the Pre's Help application and couldn't find any information to do this.

    Many thanks!
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