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    My Phone & My Wife's Phone Two Unlocked GSM Treo Pro's

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    Will it cost you an arm and a leg? After you get it, can Chewy carry you around on his back.

    Sorry. Like JD on Scrubs, my mind often goes strange places. Wish I could bring ya'll along.
    Your Pre wants Word Whirl from the App Catalog.

    It told me.
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    At least they have the option. Sprint's stance on tethering is "screw you".

    Hopefully Sprint will come around after a while. Verizon is the big boy on the block and it's officially allowing tethering. The other players will have to follow suit soon.
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    I can't believe that article is dated November 6, 2009 - the Verizon tethering prices and data policies listed in the article have been around for over 18 months.

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