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    AT&T to Verizon: “There’s a Lawsuit for That”

    Uh oh — looks like the legal gauntlets have come off over Verizon’s “There’s a map for that” ads that directly attacked AT&T’s level of 3G coverage in the U.S.

    AT&T is now reportedly suing Verizon over the ads, claiming that they mislead customers into believing AT&T doesn’t offer any wireless service to large swaths of the country.

    Although Verizon clearly labels the two maps it shows in the ads as representing 3G coverage, they’ve already attempted to mollify AT&T with a few changes including adding a “Voice and data services available outside of 3G areas” disclaimer in small print. This apparently hasn’t been enough to satisfy AT&T, who continues to press on with the suit alleging the ads are confusing especially to non-technical consumers.

    It sounds like the company is gunning for the ads to be pulled from the air. And to AT&T’s credit, their 2G network does cover a much larger area of the country that isn’t being represented on the map in the ad.

    What do you think: are the comparison maps misleading? Should Verizon pull the ads, or perhaps overlay AT&T’s (significant, if slower) 2G coverage area map?
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    Useless lawsuit, the ad clearly says 3G.

    Perhaps they may need to change or make the disclaimer bigger for those who somehow overlook "3G", but the ad is more or less true since many people complain about the weak AT&T 3G network. But this deserves no litigation, just negotiation.

    Verizon's already shown they will negotiate since they added the disclaimer. If they'd been stubborn about it, maybe it'd be another story.
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    Good for Verizon. I would look at the iphone closer if AT&T's 3g coverage was better.
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    At&t has a less than stellar reputation for poor 3g coverage so as long as the map shown portrays their 3g coverage accurately, I see nothing wrong with the ad. After all, it's the 3g coverage most people care about.
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    Yeah... My sister always tells me how she's on the Edge network, not the 3G network...
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    All I get is "Mommy mommy mommy, Verizon is making fun of me!"

    Easy solution here...Spend less money on lawyers and more on the network.
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    Quote Originally Posted by solarus View Post
    All I get is "Mommy mommy mommy, Verizon is making fun of me!"

    Easy solution here...Spend less money on lawyers and more on the network.
    That would be ideal solution, but if AT&T fired lawyers, they would sue them for unlawful termination. Once you go to bed with lawyers, you are sc...ed for life...

    But speaking about the original claim by AT&T - it is pointless. They are intentionally misinforming customers in their own commercials and that's OK; when the Verizon points to the true status of the networks, AT&T is offended.
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    i mean the commercial speaks about 3g coverage so and verizon even if i think their r to expensive and sprint is a little bit the better network then verizon buts that not the point. verizon just shows the 3g coverage on the map and this is true att doesnt barely has any but aat always claims having the fastes and best 3g coverage well bull....
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    Not sure why AT&T is getting mad. No one's problem but their own that their network sucks "iballs".
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Phone Diva View Post
    [COLOR="Navy"]Useless lawsuit, the ad clearly says 3G.
    Exactly. It says "5x more 3G Coverage" in huge letters...
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    As with - it seems - most lawsuits these days, it's completely frivolous.

    If the maps are accurate, as labeled, then AT&T doesn't have a legal leg to stand on.
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    AT&T is just being patriotic. Verizon map is in red. AT&T is in blue. If AT&T's 3G coverage was decent, there would be no white to make it a full Red, White and Blue.

    That's just the way I see it.
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