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    A dyno pull is performed in 4th yes, it's done in one can't redline a super car on the streets. You'll kill someone or yourself. In 1st or 2nd gear it's just going to be a smoke show...if you get into 3rd or 4th and tach it, you'll be going way to fast for the streets...
    Depends on the car and the gearing. Most dyno's are done with the 1:1 gear, unless the 1:1 gear takes it to too high of a mph. 4th is generally the 1:1 gear on a 5 speed(though not in my car, funny enough, 5th is).
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    Considering it's also handling all graphics Wouldn't want to tax your logic too much eithter.
    Speaking of logic, which others of these "all" graphics would the Pre be rendering whilst scrolling a Web page fullscreen?
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