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    My buddy has a Lyra MP3 player and he is having a problem with it. When he powers the unit, the screen turns on to black. He can load songs on to the card from his computer and his computer does recognize the files but he gets nothing when he mounts it in the player.

    He does take the unit when he flies. Could something have happened when he took it through security or has anyone else had a similar problem?
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    Is it the old Lyra player? It used a proprietary file system (and took forever to load). i had a problem with black pixels on my screen, i took the batteries out and waited 1/2 hour and this fixed the problem. I've been through airport security with mine before, it didn't seem to affect it. if he can't get it fixed - he can buy mine!!!!relatively cheap.
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    Hi, I have a lyra. Every once in awhile, I get that black screen. Everytime it has happened, it was connected to my car charger. Disconnecting, waiting a few minutes, and reconnecting has always taken care of the problem.

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