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    I loved the Pre, beautiful interface and just really nice. I had to go back to my Curve because of a few reasons. The biggest reason was Yahoo messenger, I use this a lot on my Curve. Second was battery and third was the keypad. I really miss the Pre though and I am anxiously awaiting the new OS to see if any substantial changes are made in regards to the battery life or if Yahoo messenger comes out for it. I really miss the nice colorful screen and the internet browsing on the Pre, especially compared to my Curve.
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    i miss so many things about my Curve. What a great phone that is. : ). unfortunately i got surf the web on my phone for a number of reasons, so my choices are limited. Blackberries are so great. Oddly enough, i had a dream about them yesterday. irl my friend hates her palm centro. and in the dream i was explaining to her that her contract was up and that she should get a blackberry. . Funny.
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    I picked up a Tour for my wife to hold her over until the pixi comes out - now shes not sure that she wants a pixi

    and Im not sure that I dont want the Tour with WiFi that is about to come out...

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    Yahoo WILL be included in the next update, as demoed in the Pixi promo vids.
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    Isnt there already plugins to have yahoo on the phone already?

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