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    News leaked that the Droid Eris (basically a rebadged HTC Hero) will be released Nov 6th alongside the Droid. Eris will be $99 after rebate

    This is a serious kick in the nuts to Sprint and Palm as the Eris(has wi-fi) may take some of the thunder away from the Nov 15 release of the Pixi(no wi-fi) which also will be $99

    Verizon's Droid Eris will also undercut its twin brother, Sprint's HTC Hero by $80

    This is going to be an all out war of smart phones Im betting Sprint will lower prices even further
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    No keyboard, no sale.
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    I really like how the eris looks. I like it more than the hero but the hero looks good too. Fits good in the hands too.

    Verizon is trying to hit a homerun with their phones because of sprint shacking up the game by coming out with mobile anytime. I can't see paying 99 for the eris and then paying 30.00 more for my plan. Just doesn't make sense. Now the droid, that might have me a little envious.

    anybody interested in some quality you go
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    no keyboard, no sale.
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    personal preference but i think the Hero looks better.

    regardless, Verizon won't budge on their rate plans so they get people into the stores with lower up front phone pricing. a lot of people have blinders on when it comes to that. they only see the immediate cost savings and not the long term of a two year contract. this is speaking generically of the majority.

    my brother is actually doing the same thing. i was with verizon and he still is. he is planning on jumping ship to sprint in november. then tonight he got a call out of the blue from verizon offering him 100 dollars off a phone. he is not currently eligible for any upgrades. so of course, now, he's going back and forth on what to do because he is tempted by a free eris or hundred dollar droid.

    oh well, its his money, not mine.
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    Just by the look, i hate it. The sprint hero is much much better looking than this thing let alone the pre...
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