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    My 800 finally died. Pretty much a brick. I've been a long time fan of it's form factor, and picked up the Treo Pro in a quick trip to Sprint.

    Amazed that I can go almost 2 whole days w/o charging the battery!

    This seems a likely upgrade path for me, but I'm having second thoughts about sticking with both Palm...and Win Mobile. Both a love and hate relationship.

    Seriously thinking about jumping onboard the Android platform and trading my Treo Pro in for the HTC Hero. I've read good things. I guess the big tradeoff is getting rid of the keyboard, and gaining a bunch of screen. I'm guessing that maybe it's time to make the trade and adjust to soft keyboard.

    I'm kind of dreading reinstalling all my wm programs and doing the hacks: opera mini, wx app, treo alert, etc....

    Any opinions out there from folks?

    Some concerns:

    Browser: Opera mini vs. the Android Browser.

    Docs: Native word, excel vs Android Docs to go

    Sync: Activesync of files and Office. Will that work ok with the Hero?

    Battery: Guess that's the biggest complaint on the Hero. Some fixes out there.

    Upgrade path: Palm and Winmob seem like a dead end. Hero is already slated for Android 2.0 which will probably help with battery issues and some bugs (induced by sprint for using 1.4 Android)

    Apps: Supposedly lots out there for Android.

    Tethering Hacks avail?

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    Please keep us posted. I'm interested in making the jump as well...
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    Now I'm really confused. Finally was able to hard reset the older 800. Seems to be working fine now. Forget how much I paid for the Treo Pro.
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    Nope...the 800w quickly died again. It's a brick for sure now.

    So I took the Pro back. Really liked it and it's a mature device. Or maybe old.

    Decided to finally make the brake with both Palm and Win Mob... Hello Android and just released yesterday Samsung Moment.

    Quick and intuitive. Looking forward to the app market, but just trying to get past basics for now.

    No real means of sync to PC. Now have Outlook set to sync to Google which syncs to Moment. No notes or tasks though.

    Hotmail...just getting straight POP.

    Work mail: exchange. still getting HTML striped. Damn IPhone people just go through web exchange!

    Miss the familiarity of the treo just a bit. Steep learning curve ahead, but the device is amazing so far.

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