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    Wait... you bought the Hero... but decided in the end of your post you like the Pre better, right? So... what phone does that leave you with?
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    i too bought the hero, but i love it. i have had it for almost 30 days now and i have not had to reset the phone or take out the battery once! im sorry to say but i am selling my pre. i have it on craigslist for 225 with the touchstone and the car charger if anyone wants to buy it.
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    Since us Pre owners are fessing up, I also bought a Hero, still have the Pre though. I remember when I first got the Pre, it was confusing and I couldn't find anything. That's how I feel about the Hero. So I'm giving it a few months and can't wait for 2.0 to see what it does. Both phones have their pluses and minuses.
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    I find the screen on the hero to be more vibrant than the pre. I do side by side comparisons daily and found on YouTube especially, the hero has nicer richer color. The pre looks watered down comparing the two. I know on paper you would think the pre wins but I disagree.

    People complain about the keyboard because maybe they are not familiar with it. I have been using a onscreen keyboard on the diamond, touch pro and the original touch. No problems here. Using it right now.

    I think the pre has potential but palm is not and did not take advantage of the momentum they had before the hero came out and unfortunately they are going to pay for that mistake. THe hero build quality makes the pre feel like a toy and the app store palm is pushing is horrible in my eyes. I want to like the pre because of web os but functionality comes first for me. I'll be back for hopefully the palm pre 2 or Nokia pre 2. I have a strong feelings they will be bought out
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    At first I didn't like the Heros touch screen, but them I found the calibration section where it makes you type "The quick brown fox" thing and it helped a lot. I still like having hard buttons for a keyboard but the Heros is nice than I thought. I had a HCT touch and hated that keyboard for some reason.

    I like the slider on the Pre but after a while it has started to loosen up and makes me worry. Nice thing about Sprint I can switch ESNs online now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hparsons View Post
    We all feel destroyed.

    Does that mean you're finished here?
    Thank you for your insightful and well-reasoned contribution to the discussion as always, hparsons!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Conor View Post
    Wait... you bought the Hero... but decided in the end of your post you like the Pre better, right? So... what phone does that leave you with?
    I am currently using the Hero as my primary phone, but I still have a Pre (Sprint replaced it for me) as well as an iPhone, a Centro, and an old Windows mobile device. I'll probably switch back to the Pre eventually but I want to see what the Hero can do.
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    Yeah, my latest Pre broke a week or so ago (power button stopped working) and I was so fed up (I've lost count of how many Pres I've been through) I went out and bought the Hero.

    I've used the Hero for a while now and I've got to tell you it destroys the Pre on features and functionality. There's just so much you can do on Android that you can't do on the Pre (and I haven't even gotten around to rooting the Hero yet). The Hero also destroys the Pre on available applications and beats the Pre in battery life and build quality. The Hero's "widgets" are also a very nice way to see at a glance what's going on in your world and allow you set up your own customized "Home" screens. There is no analogue to that on the Pre and it's actually quite nice. Even the apps on the Hero that the Pre also has have way more features on the Hero. For example, Google Maps on the Hero has Lattitude, Street View, walking directions, transit directions and other stuff the is missing on the Pre. Also, the Hero can handle micro-SD cards up to 32MB so as far as capacity the Hero beats the Pre. And there are little things that are nice on the Hero like real LEDs, the video camera and the trackball.

    But the Pre beats the Hero hands down when it comes to looks, elegance, simplicity and keyboard. I guess I'm getting old because aesthetics are becoming more and more important to me and the Hero and Android do not compare to the Pre and WebOS when it comes to beauty and elegance. And of course no virtual keyboard can match a physical keyboard so the Pre wins hands down there too. The Pre's screen is also far superior to that on the Hero, the Pre displays video much better and the Pre's 3MP camera beats the Hero's 5MP camera in quality of photos handily. I like the Pre's web browser (with my user agent patch) a little better than the Hero's though they're both good.

    Despite what people may say here multitasking on Android is much more pervasive than it is on the Pre. There's always lots of stuff running in the background and it's much more the norm for apps to do things in the background than it is on the Pre. But on Android it's difficult to see what's going on without a third party task manager (fortunately there are many good ones) but the Pre's built in task manager (the card metaphor) is very, very nice from a user perspective. Because of all the apps and widgets the Hero has running there are always a lot of processes running even immediately after startup before you've even done anything! If the Pre ever had as many things running as the Hero when it's doing "nothing" the Pre would be unusably slow, bogged down and running out of memory. So I'd definitely have to say that the Hero beats the Pre when it comes to the ability to smoothly multitask, but the Pre beats the Hero when it comes to giving you a simple and elegant way to control the multitasking.

    Both devices are very good as phones when you have good signal (including having decent speakerphones) but the Hero is better at pulling in a signal when you don't have all bars. The Hero's speaker is slightly louder and clearer also. The Pre has a better phone interface in my opinion and is more usable. It's a toss up because they are both very good.

    So as others have said both the Pre and the Hero have their pluses and minuses.

    The Hero is way better in functionality, applications and customization. If you're someone more interested in getting things done than looks than you're going to like the Hero. The Hero is not a bad looking phone but it's rather generic looking. But because of all the things the Hero does and can do it is far more complex than the Pre and can be very intimidating if you're not ready to dive right in and learn how to wrangle it.

    The Pre is way better in aesthetics and the keyboard. If you're interested in doing a few things well and having a device that turns heads and even makes iPhone users jealous with its looks then the Pre is what you want. The Pre's simple yet beautiful interface is very soothing. I know that's a weird thing to say but using the Pre is a pleasure even if its functionality isn't as deep as it could be.
    Great post!

    I dropped the iPhone (primarily AT&T) for the Pre .. loved it initially. But having come from the iPhone I felt so held back. The phone is beautiful, intuitive and works wonderfully (except for battery) but right now in my life I need more than that.

    I picked up the Hero two days ago, and loving it. I was aware of the messaging bug that prevents it from sleeping and have yet to have any issues with it. I can literally go a full day and a half with heavy use on the battery .. on the Pre my phone would die mid-day after moderate use.

    I will be keeping my Pre because I honestly feel like it has a bright future and I want to watch it mature. When it opens up the SDK more, adds flash, video recording and a few other features I will be back in a heart beat. Until then I will be watching from the sideline and continue working on my app for it.
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    i guess ill chime in as well, i had the pre for a month and decided to go to hero. (i had g1 with t-mobile and windows mobile before that). someone a few reply s back said it reminds them of wm on how the android runs and i have to totally agree. android however is more flexible then wm plus it seems a lot of company's are using the shell and expanding upon it ex: sony is coming out with an android phone whit there own ui over it. I think for me though hero has more functions than the pre. the only downside i really have with it is its small internal memory also alot like wm except at least on wm you could install apps to sd card.
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