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    My friend dropped his Visor Deluxe on the floor the other day. The screen is cracked, but everything is still displayed fine. Except the digitizer doesn't respond to the stylus now. All he can do is use the four main

    A replacement screen and not LCD would cost $55 plus shipping. He wants a replacement, but not sure where to go...doesn't have much cash...less than $100

    Any ideas? Anyone want a broken Visor Deluxe?
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    Tell him to pick up a new or refurbished Visor at a store. They are running about $99.00 at some stores (Fry's, for one).

    I hear OfficeDepot is liquidating Visors. Even if he gets stuck with a color he doesn't like, he can use the new screen from the new unit and still have spare parts for the future.


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