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    I am writing today to ask questions about the Infrared (IR) capabilities of PDAs - Most Specifically PALM OS PDAs but for future reference will also take PPC feedback too.

    The reason for asking this question is due to a project at work. This project is for allowing the use of personnaly owned PDAs.

    The concerns at this time are for the use of the infrared capabilities at work. I personnally would like to allow them execpt where otherwise permitted but our IT Security head seems to be leaning towards allowing them for Synchronization to their workstation (desktop) but NOT for PDA to PDA transfers.

    Does anyone have any information regarding the security of each of these functions?

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    1. You can only link 2 devices at a time
    2. There are very few if any viruses
    3. If you don't feel you want whateer it is the person is beaming you, just move the IR port away!

    I think its secure...

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