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    Very plain looking is what I'd say, not exactly ugly. It just has no cuteness with it's serious industrial design. Rounded off corners would have helped IMO.
    HP has officially ruined it's own platform and kicked webOS loyalists and early TouchPad adopters to the curb. You think after you drop it like a hot potato and mention it made no money and is costing you money, anyone else wants it??? Way to go HP!!

    And some people are fools to keep believing their hype. HP has shown they will throw webOS under the bus and people are still having faith in them??? News flash: if it's own company won't stand behind it, it's finished!
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    The screen is nice, but spec wise it is basically identical to the Pre.

    I had the Nokia N800 which had a 4" high resolution screen, and it was a pain to carry around everywhere. The droid is smaller and lighter, but it still is bigger than the Pre.
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    You know with Verizon launching this and taking shots at the iphone, that leads me to believe the rumors about the iphone coming to V are not true
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    The Droid actually isn't that bad looking. It's just not great.
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    I cannot see the visual appeal of the phone, just ugly with the plain black design should have modeled it better
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    Wow, there's currently a huge Droid triple sized banner above the Engadget site. I think they never allowed sucha banner before..

    Interesting is also that the Verizon and Google logos are bigger than the Motorola one..
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    My coworker bought the Droid this morning and we've been playing with it...

    The phone is a nice looking phone.
    Handsome I guess is good word... clean lines.
    the phone feels heavier than my 3GS which I like and has a real solid feel and smooth, no oreo, slide out keyboard. Metal and glass. But it has a virtual keyboard which is really cool cause if it was me I would use that more than slide it out.
    Comes with a 16gb card. nice.
    when you press the bottom keys.. haptic feedback which is interesting.

    I really didnt like the pics that first came out but really in person it is a nice looking phone. Get that $30 stand and it would look slick on the desk.

    He's downloading slacker now and getting use to it but I think it will be a fun phone to play with Android 2.0 for a while. He wont get an iPhone (don't ask), he had a BB and wanted something different this time and winmo7 probably wont be out for another year.

    And honestly Pre is underdeveloped and appstore lacking... again this is where they are getting killed and need to work fast.

    He played with the Eris and said he was impressed with it. Basically a Hero but he liked the design and UI.

    I'm pretty impressed with it playing a few minutes.
    The google voice works smooth.
    He liked using the new Navigation on the way to work.
    I played with the camera and little slow on the load... reminds me of my 2G camera but surprised to see the flash automatically come on when needed.
    the video camera seemed nice and runs kinda like my 3GS.
    browser runs ok... tap to zoom (didnt try pinch to see if available)
    and like the way it bookmarks like chrome.
    I do like the way notifications show at the top instead how it;s done on my 3GS...
    i do hope for a UI refresh soon and something similiar to that. Who knows.

    overall pretty fun and dont think we will get any work done today

    excuse if i edit this now and then and may add comments instead of new posts.
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    Went to the Verizon store on 57th St and 6th Ave. in Manhattan to check out the Droid and Droid Eris. Played around with both. Fairly crowded there, but not packed. Lots of Verizon rep and even someone from HTC. Nobody from Motorola.

    My impressions:
    *Not as bad-looking in person, but not beauty contest winner either.
    *Camera is slow and not that great.
    *Didn't like the physical keyboard at all and not that easy to type on.
    *BEAUTIFUL display - maybe the best I've seen on a phone.
    *Virtual keyboard is nice and responsive and I liked it better than the physical keyboard.
    *Voice command is pretty neat.
    *Seemed a little sluggish, especially with the web browsing.
    *No multitouch (i.e. pinching) and was disappointed with that.
    *Maybe it's just me, but I just can't get to like that Android operating system so much. I think WebOS and iPhone are much easier to use.

    Actually, after playing with the Droid and Droid Eris, I preferred the Eris. Beautiful phone and it didn't seem as sluggish. Virtual keyboard on the Eris is better than the one on the Droid. Disappointed that the camera didn't have a flash, though. If I were to choose between the two phones and if I had Verizon, I'd choose the Eris.

    Other things I got out of the visit:
    *HTC rep said the Eris was the same as the Hero, but just different in terms of specifications Verizon asked for (most likely physically). But I've played around with both phones and thought that the Eris' pinch zoom was smoother.
    *He said that Eris would get Android 2.0 sometime next year.
    *I asked him what he thought of Verizon itself and their plans and he said he couldn't understand why people go to them because they're so much more expensive than everyone else. He thought they do a good job at marketing and that's why nobody leaves their network. Also complained that Verizon is more demanding on what ask the phone makers compared to other carriers and it frustrates HTC.
    *Also said that as soon as the Hero came out, T-Mobile's My Touch sales plummeted.
    *Overheard lots of conversations with potential customers there who were iPhone users. And while it was universal that they loved the iPhone, they all HATED AT&T.
    *Spoke with a Verizon rep and asked him why the European Droid had the multitouch zoom but US version didn't. He had no idea, but speculated that it was due to copyright reasons. He admitted that the phone was really missing out on that.
    *NOBODY was looking at the Storm2. I even went to the same store the day Storm2

    Overall, I think the Droid is a good phone, but not revolutionary. Maybe the best offering on Verizon (along with the Eris). I think it will sell well, but it's doubtful it will break records and won't beat the iPhone.
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    Having checked one out in person - it is anything but cheap feeling.... Metal and Glass... Impressive.
    ........ Please read the Palm Pre Manual and the Palm Pre Solutions Guide.

    Check out the official Palm blog.
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    I actually thought it was ugly too. Definitely not made in Cupertino or Sunnyvale.
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    I have to get out and actually get to handle one. Maybe best buy has there demo up and running. I am not near any verizon stores.
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