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    Palm, webOS was a swell idea and all but reduce it to an UI and throw it on android. Keep the touchstone and all that goodness. Get a car mount.

    Pre 2, slab, and landscape slider using the best hardware you can find. You can even have your little Pixi.

    This is what will save Palm. You backtracked with the Folio, but its still not too late to turn webOS into something great. And webOS ui is what would make Palm's version of android unique.
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    Android is great, but I still think the browser is rubbish and from what I can tell they have a lot of unintuitive UI issues as well..

    I just hoped over from the iPhone and well, I haven't been this happy with a phone in ages, Sprints network didn't hurt either, like night and day here in LA coming from AT&T.
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    I like to hear that kind of stuff thanks ieko . Have a great day!!!
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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