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    What does the Hero do that the Pre doesnt?????

    I don't see the big deal....

    If someone hasnt started a list consider it started....
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    Just to start:

    Txt fwd.
    Alert nags.
    Type in landscape.
    Actually see signal in landscape.
    Zoom on camera.
    Actually be able to have phone powered off while charging.
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    Ive been trying the hero also but have noticed the big rave on the app store (market) is disappointing. It looks like 99% of the apps are crap. Multitasking with the hero is possible, but not even close to the pre. I still am VERY torn between the two though. The hero is much more mature as having usable features out of the box, but the pre's multitasking and notification system runs circles around the hero. Still trying to figure out which one I will adopt and I switch between them often. We'll see as time goes by. The pre just seems so limited as you hear the conversations around here about the SDK and limitations to it including not using the GPU.
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    Is it easy to switch back and forth??? I'm thinking about getting a HERO to play around with....
    palm m103 > palm m130 > palm TlX > 755p > PRE (FINALLY!!!!)
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrdavis55 View Post
    Is it easy to switch back and forth??? I'm thinking about getting a HERO to play around with....
    Yes, you can just do it online....pretty simple to do.
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    Here we go again... please use cross platform forum.

    One for transport..........
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    I have had both, and I can give some opinions:

    Both are very COOL phones with a lot of potential. In my opinion neither is ready to replace your iPhone or Blackberry yet. I would say the Pre is closer to ideal for business use, whereas I think the Hero is closer to ideal for personal / social use.

    If you're a tinkerer and gadget head like me, the Pre is awesome. You can really get inside the thing and have a lot of fun with it.

    The Pre's greatest strengths in my opinion is it's multitasking, notifications, and combined email and contacts. It's biggest weaknesses are hardware and calendar. It's browser is also superior IMHO, but lacks Google voice search which is difficult to give up once you're used to it. Multitasking is superior to the Hero in certain cases, like listening to music while getting directions via Sprint Navigation. The Pre will lower the volume of your music when directions are announced, the Hero doesn't. (that is if one or both applications don't crash while fighting over the sound subsystem.)

    The Hero's strengths are it's out-of-the box customization options, Android Market, and superb hardware quality. It's weaknesses are as a PIM. Contacts are great but calendar (unless you strictly use Google Calendar) is pretty weak, and email is atrocious. Additionally, it's really easy to "fat finger" the hardware buttons. Google voice search is built in, and having a hardware button for it is quite nice.

    Additionally, Apple has a point with regard to background apps. If you're not careful on the Hero you can end up with sluggish performance due to apps not terminating fully or quickly enough. And ome apps are just slow period, most notably the camera. What good is a fantastic 5MP sensor with autofocus if you can't get your camera functional quickly enough to catch a snapshot of the action?

    Neither phone has especially good battery performance, and both phones will have you messing with wireless and GPS settings quite often to maximize battery life. (I think the Pre is easier to manage in this regard.)

    I have tried to love both phones because I much prefer Sprint's plan, but in both cases retreated back to my iPhone because of lack of comprehensive email and calendar features, stability, and performance.

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    ok let me give it a shot...

    -10,000 app lead on the Pre
    -real SDK with native app support and hardware access
    -OpenGL enabled (really makes a difference)
    -Flash in browser
    -text forwarding
    -way more useful homescreen
    -music player that has playlists and able to scroll through the song
    -5MP camera (ill admit, its still not as good as the Pre)
    -bigger screen
    -IM with Yahoo and MSN support native
    -Facebook contact integration that lets you choose which contact you want to link and you can view the contacts status update and picture album from the contact app.
    -better battery life and no overheating
    -voice command and voice activated google search
    -visual voicemail
    -LED notifications

    that should be enough for now......
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    this should kick it up another notch if the same happens to the sprint htc hero

    European HTC Hero Skipping 1.6 Update | AndroidGuys

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