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    thats cool
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    ummmm... crap, that looks good
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    Daaaaaaaamn that's nice. After looking at the video that overviewed Android 2.0, that OS looks so nice. I'm definitely regretting the Pre at this point. I'm afraid Palm doesn't have the manpower to compete with Google and Apple with a competent OS at this point. Sad.

    The Pre has been out 6 months, and they have done very little with the OS as far as improving it. Doing little more than a few bug fixes that don't affect 90% of the users.
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    WANT (on WebOS)
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    With android 2.0 google is introducing turn by turn navigation and I was wondering if this would filter down to the pre soon? Here in the frozen north of canada we did not receive a program like Sprint Navigation which was a little disappointing (ofcourse if we had received it it probably would have cost something on a monthly basis).
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    All I know is take a look at Garmin and Tomtom stock since google stated this:

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    GPS Nav-

    Bell does have a navigation app which costs something on a monthly basis.

    While the Pre is not listed as a supported device I do believe it is...give Bell a call to find out.
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    Hope this comes to the Palm Pre soon
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    Eh, for Sprint users, this is a non-issue. We all have Sprint Nav for free, which I think works great. Sure, we don't have sat and street view options, but heck, street view isnt even an option with the pre at all at the moment.

    I'll stick to Sprint nav for now.
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    Guys , sorry if my question is made yet , but a lot of people would be informed about this, and this thread colud be the reference about news.

    Someone have any news about TomTom , navigon , o Garmin....on Pre ?

    Go Palm , OPEN YOUR EAR
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    Nothing....but given these developments:

    Google Navigation video hands-on: you want this

    .....I'm wondering if that will ever happen.
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    I sooo want this. Wow, especially the street view while your driving. Speaking of which, I'm still waiting for Street view on Gmaps. Android is looking sweeter everytime....must be all those delicious codenames for their upgrades

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