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    Samsung A920....That phone could pretty much do was way ahead of its time..I had a calendar...multi alarms...decent web browser...played videos..cheezy games(pac man)..tethered via USB/BT....It was the bomb and fast. The best part was that it had free navigation and capable of using voice search in windows live.

    oh yeah.. it had voice dial and voice recording...
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    I put that phone through so much abuse and it kept on ticking perfectly. I submerged it a few times on accident, once when i dropped it in the sink with the dishes, and by leaving it in my pocket when launching a jetski. Plus numerous drops, most on accident, some to prove its durability to friends. I used this phone for years, until i switched to sprint and upgraded to a Centro.

    +1 Nokia FTW

    I've resuccitated so many water-laden Nokias I can't remember.

    And the spaghtetti wall test, Nokia hands-down. No offense, Star-Tac lovers.

    Curb-rash, temperature extremes, brick recoveries (GSM sim cards rock!), you name it.

    Nokia has so many phones we'll never see here.

    Too bad about the sucky Symbian development environment though.
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    There's no way I would trust the Pre to take Nokia-build-quality abuse.

    No ways, no how.

    Mine stays in the sleeping bag unless it's working.
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    I've been using cell phones since my first Nokia bag phone back in 1993. I have to say that of all the ones I've had over the years, the Samsung A900, was my favorite one. It was thin, made of metal, and had a good music player, voice dial w/BT and good camera w/flash. It linked to the PC to dl your pics so you could actually keep them. It was my first phone with web access too. I know there were better ones at the time but for me the A900 was the 'it' phone for me.

    I also had a brief love affair with the LG5350.
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    Kyocera 7135
    This phone took a beating! It was my first converged device (the term smartphone hadn't been invented yet). I bought it on ebay, payed standard phone rates on it and had 1x data for free. It was on verizon and coverage and battery life were better than most phones today!
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    treo 755p i had some much on this phone and there so little it didnt do. such an amzing phone
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    Treo 650!!!
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    While I love my Pre, my favorite would have to be my Treo 600. My Pre fits my needs better, and is an all around better phone, but the Treo 600 has nostalgia going for it, since it was my first smart phone. I went from one of those Nokia phones with the interchangeable faceplates that everyone had at one point to my Treo 600, so it was the biggest leap forward I've taken.
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    My Orginal Iphone :/
    Nokia 5100 - At&t - Nokia 6310i - At&t - LG Vx3200 - Verizon - Motorola E815 - Verizon - Motorola Razor - Verizon - iPhone-At&t - Pre - Sprint - HTC Evo - Sprint - Samsung Epic - Sprint - Blackberry Curve - Sprint - Evo3D - Sprint - Touchpad - HP
    How I roll since 1999!
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    I have had several phones over the years but would have to say my Pre is my all-time fave! Love my Pre!!
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    iphone 3G

    Centro would be second.
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    Samsung i500, on Sprint!
    With integrated Palm OS and apps for those who do not remmember it.
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    liked all my treos but the pre has got to be the best imo.
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
    P.S. if i have helped you and you are thankful please hit the thanks button to the right---->
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    i love my pre, But not counting that My old Sanyo MM9000 was fantastic. It has a screen sharper and crisper then most phones made today, and the phone just worked. Never ever had an issue.
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    Sony Ericsson P800, hands-down.

    This was a Symbian v7 UIQ v2 phone, way ahead of its time in 2002. There was so much hope for the platform, and so many promises made.

    Reminds me of another little phone we know...
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    This lovely thing. Best one handed device EVER! The form factor was great, the smooth soft touch paint was awesome, and the DPad was amazing. Even though it had a touch screen, I rarely used it because the keyboard short cuts and the Dpad was very well done. Give me the browser from the Pre and put it on the 755P and I would be happy.
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    sanyo spc-6000. was more like a stick of gum then a candy bar and the thing could take a beating!!!
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    w810 ericsson
    good battery
    camera w flash
    led light
    small n tough
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    Mine would have to be a toss up between the Sprint VM-4050 by Toshiba
    and the Samsung A920
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    Quote Originally Posted by rnash2 View Post
    Samsung i500, on Sprint!
    With integrated Palm OS and apps for those who do not remmember it.
    I still have this phone in a drawer at home. This was (and almost still is) the ultimate phone. Loved the size, flip close and slip it in the pocket. I was so used to the Graffiti writing. That one did everything I wanted.
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