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    From Cnet article: Disney World creates wireless magic(January 7, 2002): "Disney World is using wireless technology to provide captioning and translation services so more people can feel a part of what is, after all, a small world.
    Entertainment giant Walt Disney said Monday that hearing-impaired visitors can use specially provided Compaq iPaqs to read text versions of, for example, the conversation between Winnie the Pooh and Tigger during the "Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh" ride in its Magic Kingdom. "

    I would guess this is an application of 802.11 wireless networking. Disney World does use 802.11b for park operations (see this article), but supposedly had no plans to offer some of its bandwidth to park visitors. My guess is that you'll always need Disney's iPaqs to access the subtitles and translations and that they wouldn't risk the security issues that might come up if they let anyone with an 802.11 equipped handheld or laptop use it. I wonder how long an iPaq battery holds out.

    On a side note, "magic" buttons you can buy and wear around the park react to different locations, events and attractions with LED's flashing in various patterns. Apparently they are set off by IR, though - not the network. Some folks suggest that you might be able to teach a palmOS IR port the signals using remote control software.
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