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    Try the Brando....I can't even tell it's on my Clie.......

    Highly recommended.
    Ryan Clayton
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    Originally posted by recordond
    I used a screen protector on it for a while and always had one on my VDX and Neo but now with the Clie the protector distorts it so much that it is not worth it.

    Which protector were you using that caused the distortions? (Asking out of curiosity- I hated the distrotion caused by WriteRights, but see hardly any with my Brando- on either the Deluxe or the Prism).
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    I have a Clie 760C, and I chose the G2 screen protectors from

    They are reusable, non-adhesive, and clear as a bell! I highly recommend them to all!
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    I used a Brando for my m505 but the faint haze/milkiness got to be too annoying so I just cut it and applied it only to the graffiti area. However I do have to say that the Brando's are EXTREMELY tough and nearly impossible to scratch. They also give a nice "paper-like" feel to the screen when writing. However I just got through reading a review of the G2 screen protector linked 2 posts above me and I think that is PERFECT for me - tough, easy to apply AND super clear!

    Thanks for the tip, dorelse!

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    Hum, I'm surprised you noticed any haze or milkyness with the Brando.....I can't even tell mine is on my Clie.
    Ryan Clayton
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    Originally posted by rclayton
    Hum, I'm surprised you noticed any haze or milkyness with the Brando.....I can't even tell mine is on my Clie.
    Same here. I've read comments elsewhere about "milkyness" with the Brando, but I just haven't seen it.

    Do they mean the anti-glare aspect of the Brandos? I find that a plus, not a minus.
    Jeff Meyer

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    To be fair, I would say the Brando does add a very very very faint haze or milkiness but it doesn't bother me in the least. It seems to me that slight milkiness is what gives it it's antiglare properties and good stylus feel. Not only do I firmly believe that this is the best screen protector available (no I haven't tried them all but keep reading) but that it is (for me) the best possible screen protector. I really can't imagine a better screen protector!
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    When I put the Brando on my m505 the first time I noticed the "anti-glare" matte finish but it didn't bother me so much. However when I compared my m505 to another guy's m505 that didn't have a screen protector there was a night and day difference.

    After that it bugged me a lot, so I just enventually cut it to fit only on the graffiti. When I took off the screen protector all the graphics seemed so sharp and nice - it was like I got a new pair of glasses....

    Anyway, the G2 protector looks perfect - as durable as the Brando, but perfectly clear. Although I wonder what it'll be like to write on. I love the slightly friction-y feel that the Brando gave; it really was like writing on paper with a pencil.
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    I put a NuShield screen protector on in November and it still looks as good as new. I don't use the graffiti area a lot for writing, but I do abuse my pda.
    The NuShield does not have a sticky or tacky back at all. It slips between the screen and the case. It has a coated surface to eliminate those blurry newton rings and to protect against scratches.
    The price was really great too. Only $14.99 for three films.

    Check it out at
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