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    interesting read over @ Engadget. I post the original article. (its from google translate)...

    I believe this is the press release.$y$&$amp$;$u$=$http$://$av$.$watch$.$impress$.$co$.$jp$/$docs$/$news$/$20091022_323652$.$html$&$amp$;$sl$=$auto$&$amp$;$tl$=$en$&$amp$;$history_state0$=
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    WOW. I've done some reading and seen the screen shots. Sounds impressive. Will Access be taking direct shot at Palm or just going to be a smartphone contender? Its got Sprint settings (I think). Don't know about processors so I can't comment on that. Is it faster than our Pre's? Is there room for another OS in the mobil world? Are we looking @ an Android, but more polished?

    Is Access going to blow our Pre-minds away by being released, with the features we know and miss? (video and basically most of the patches)
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    Bump. New article.... From those other guys...

    Emblaze's First Else unveiled in London, promises to be a game-changer -- Engadget

    very nice demo.....
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    Very interesting, but I don't think it will have mass appeal due to its text-intensive interface. Maybe an interface like this would have been popular when the first Matrix movie was released, but not in 2009.
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    Well from looking at the phone compared to Andriod, WM, Apple OS, and especially the Pre. THAT PHONE IS CRAP!

    The PRE IMHO is still the best phone, ahead of its time, on the market today. It still has some minor issues, but nothing that is a dealbreaker.

    Dealbreaker on that phone for me was first left all the menus on the right really SUCK.
    Secondly, everything is BLUE...***.
    Third, text based?!? are you kidding me!
    and lastly....keyboard?

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