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    I have owned many mobile devices for at least a month each, and you can call me a ****** or say that this is biased but the iPhone is simply the best phone out there. I have owned the Sprint touch Diamond, Touch Pro, Palm Pre, iPhone 3GS, and the Sprint Hero, Now this is a cross-platform chat so please don't tell me to take my business elsewhere and leave, or call me a "troll" I just like to say the facts. I have alot of respect for apple, and I believe alot of people on here just talk to talk. This is a Pre site, so I will say that The Pre is an extremely impressive device, and although is in my opinion a truly amazing phone, it is not as successfull and never will defeat the iPhone. The iPhone came out in 2007 and was years ahead of any device out there. Its specs today are still impressive, even the first generation is, despite not having 3G of course, that was not so great. The app store came out a year later and now has 85,000+ apps, Now everyone seems to think it is a fair argument to say that it took a whole year for apple to develop the app store, that is hands down the stupidest thing i have ever heard. Not only were apps not the "big thing" that they are now but no other phone company or developer had to have apps on the device in order for it to sell, meaning some phones had apps, but they were no where near as cool or useful as they are now. Also when consumers buy a product they buy whats out their NOW. So saying that it took a year for apple to develop the app store doesn't mean anything to someone looking to buy a phone that has over 85,000 apps v. 200, The pre is not designed to handle games that the iPhone can, and every "usefull" app on the pre is already on the iPhone. My point is that if any phone company out their wants to make a phone that will come close to the iPhone they need to fix every issue with the software and make it BETTER. Face it everything on the iPhone works as it should the sms app brought out a cool way of bubble messages, the visual voicemail is very cool, the internet browser kills any competitor, and the app store is truly incredible. Even the camera, weather, stocks, and clock apps work fast and flawless, it is a music device also, besides having to play a certain format the phone rocks as a media player. Granted, android is a close competitor, but it only has 10,000 apps, and an app store or "market" that has written in the description that this device may force close will never defeat an app store to that of the iPhone where almost 99.9% of the apps work perfectly. I would like to see a phone beat the iPhone but it looks like company's Don't pay attention, I have to be missing something. Even advertisement, when you see a commercial of the iPhone, you have to admit it looks cool, because they show the device, what it does, and how it works, and the phone actually works like it does in the commercial. The Mytouch 3g commercial shows people passing a phone around, and the pre has a creepy girl talking to you, instead of showing how fast the internet browser is, or showing how cool the multi-tasking is, which by the way is a very cool thing, but I think palm still needs to fix core issues, look at the speed test of opening apps on a pre v. 3GS, like the calender app, also having a video camera, fixing notification sounds etc. I know this is a pretty biased, long post but if you agree that phone companys need to understand that if they want to beat the best they need to look at the phone that is selling alot. I know the iPhone may not be the top selling phone, but it is a pretty impressive device.
    Now lets hear the bashing.
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    I still like my Treo Pro.
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    haha, that treo pro is a classic
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    Think paragraphs..
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    Ya, if you look at this "mega paragraph" from the right angle it looks like a Borg Cube.

    Quote Originally Posted by cardfan View Post
    Think paragraphs..
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    Holy wall of text Batman!
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    I read it. I read the whole thing. The entire wall.

    I still disagree. I use my Pre and prefer my Pre for the same reason I use Linux instead of Windows on a day to day basis. I can't play all the same games under Linux as I can under Windows, I can't run the same proprietary software (both of which I actually can for my uses under wine, but not the point), but I can still freely customize it to my liking, legally, as well as having all the functionality that *I* need (as well as saving me over $1000 a year vs cost of the iPhone and actually having a signal as compared to at&t's garbage network in this area).

    I don't need the Pre to be the #1 phone and honestly I'd almost prefer if it stayed small and community focused (while still turning a decent profit). I need it to be a valuable device for *me* and for *my uses.* The only care in the world that they were to become as 'big' as the iPhone would be continued support and developer interest, which as long as Palm keeps working on the SDK and openly with developers and the community - will strive regardless.

    I can't disagree with Palm's poor advertising. When I first saw the new 'droid' commericals I was impressed with the clear messages of free and open platform and the faults of the major competition (the iphone in particular) - unlike the Pre commericals which is mostly generic CGI garbage.

    edit: spelling.
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    Quote Originally Posted by aridneptune View Post
    Holy wall of text Batman!
    haha laugh of the day
    (='.'=) This is Bunny. Copy and paste bunny into your
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    I agree 100% with you on the customizable part, and think that open platform is great, I really made it unclear, what I really wanted out of the post was basically that the the pre does have a lot of potential but if palm fixes the issues, and gets programs to open up faster with no lag or no sluginess, throughout the UI, and work on advertisement I think they can attract a lot more costumers and developers which will increase the apps in the app catalog. Also a smaller community like people on pre central who help with issues and develop alot is great, but its on the company to make the phone work right as it should, one example is the calender app, which takes a while to open and can use alot of work. It seems that phones release devices with features that are half-***. I was very biased on the post, but it seems like when apple releases a product they release it with everything working fluently as it should, if any phone out there wants to do that, is has to work fast and consistently. I think customizing a phone to your liking is nice on the pre you can do a lot on the phone for your needs which is an awesome part of an OS, also on the hero you can add widgets and customize alot which is nice, granted the iPhone can change the icons around, but that is nothing to compared to what webos and android can do.
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    omg please use paragraphs and line breaks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by berdinkerdickle View Post
    I still like my Treo Pro.
    My Phone & My Wife's Phone Two Unlocked GSM Treo Pro's

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    i agree about the treopro
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    Best phone eh. Why waste your time checking out what's happening with the Pre site then? I smell a little insecurity.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jewel View Post
    Best phone eh. Why waste your time checking out what's happening with the Pre site then? I smell a little insecurity.
    Maybe he is hoping that Palm will actually improve the SDK and add features to the phone so the Pre will have a chance. As it stands, IMO, he is correct. I do not like Apple so I would never get an I-Phone, but I did get the Hero. I do still hope Palm comes around, so I kept my Pre in hopes. As it stands, the Pre is FAR behind the compitition which if they don't wake up and get moving, I think they will fall on their face. The ONLY thing the Pre has over anyone else is it's card system and multitasking, take that away and what is left? I am still rooting for Palm as I like the Pre, but for NOW, this moment, it doesn't work well for me. Hopefully it will in the future!!

    EDIT: For 4 months I was really excited and having fun with the Pre, after time with Palm not really adding real features to the phone, I gave up for now. I need a power phone and the Pre is not there.....yet. I'm not bashing Palm so don't flame me please, it's just not working for me right now. I do hope Palm brings it along and gives developers the full powered SDK.
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    Thanks for wasting my time.........NEXT!
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    What he's saying is true, but of course just for now. The Iphone had it's major problems when it first came out and they had to fix it too. The Iphone took a whole year to come out with an app store as you pointed out, but that's really unexcusable and shows how much control apple wants with their devices.
    Palm pretty much famed the whole smartphone generation and I admit Apple has surpassed them with quality. Apple has been around for over 20 years. They are a huge company.
    Palm has always been a company that has let their users have great control over their devices. Apple is constraind. You can't customize like you can on a Palm. Palm folks are smart, idealistic and part of a team. The Iphone is made for people who want everything done up and ready to go for them. Palm phones are made for those types too, but more advanced users can have fun with it too. I have the Itouch, a Palm TX and a Pre. I frequently pawn my Itouch for some extra cash, then get it back later, only because it's a great device, but I can't tinker with it much.
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    I frequently pawn my Itouch for some extra cash, then get it back later, only because it's a great device, but I can't tinker with it much.
    And that has to do with......??
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    To be honest theres alot of great quality phones/platforms out right now...the most in history...pick the one you like and use it...
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    Exactly. There's no single best phone out there. There's a ton of great phones out that all have their pros and cons and since people have different needs, they're going to prefer different phones. I've personally tried Android, borrowed an iPhone, used Maemo 4 on my n800 for a while, and used WM and Garnet for years.

    For me, the Pre is superior to every single one of those. I can completely understand some of the complaints that are out there about the Pre, and to those people, other phones might be better. But until something comes up that affects me personally, the Pre is still the best phone for me.
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    I have to agree..the Iphone is still hands down the best phone on the market...I understand the Pre is new and I do love it but like previously noted, take away the cards and physical keyboard(which is tough to use sometimes due to the key size) and you really have nothing special. Couple that with all the obvious features that all phones should have and this one doesnt and you have a mediocre phone at best. The Apps will prove to make the difference in the future as to this phones success and right now there are only a handful IMO that are actually worth having.

    I mean seriously how many Pre owners own some sort of Ipod device..Id venture to say more than half although alot wont admit it...reason is, Apple builds a great device. I personally own an Itouch and I love it...the only reason I dont own an Iphone is because AT&T plans are way overpriced compared to Sprint and u get less. If SPrint were to get Iphones, I would trade in my Pre without question. Like I said, I love the Pre and its the best phone SPrint has offered in a long time but......

    Honestly, without this site, patches and homebrew, the Palm Pre would be an absolute dissapointment. Kudos to the developers for making this phone what it is....Palm, its now time for you to do your part.
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