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    on 1/24/02 5:54 PM, at wrote:

    > Hey, being another upset Handspring Visor user, I am VERY excited to
    > see someone is finally innovating in the Palm world. I have a couple of
    > questions...
    > 1) Do you guys plan to compete with other Palm OS machines, or making
    > your machines hi-tech multimedia enabled like the Compaq IPAQ running
    > Pocket PC?
    > 2) Could you give some information on the standards your handhelds are
    > going to be made by? (ex. hi-res screens, 16mb or up, soft grafitti,
    > smartmedia or CF slot, color screens, integrated keyboard)
    > 3) Whats the reason for having a new company? Why wouldnt you merge
    > with Palm or Sony?
    > 4)Why are you starting a new company?
    > 5) What do you feel about the wireless Handspring Treo? Bluff or not?
    > 6) Any wireless integrated into your handhelds EVER?
    > also, the palm your talking about that you use, is that a Handmedia
    > machine or a Palm or Sony?
    > Hey, thanks alot man....your just wetting my appitite seeing as im
    > ready to get rid of my Prism. good luck in this hard game we call
    > business!
    > regards,
    > Dave Schiavi
    Hi, Dave

    Our goal is to compete with Palm OS machines. I will tell you what I can
    right now, you will need to look at the website to find out some of this. I
    will tell you what I can, the new palm will use high-res color screens, and
    32, 64, or 128 megs of RAM depending on the model. Some of the models will
    have a Compact Flash Type Two. We want to make something new, something Palm
    and Sony consider to expensive to produce. We are starting a new company for
    the same reason as anyone else, to make money. But we also want something
    good quality, that is better than anything on the market now, but
    affordable. I feel that the Treo will come out eventually, but when? I don't
    know. We definitely are going to integrate wireless into some models, a lot
    of people (me included) are very busy and may have to check there e-mail on
    the go or make a call or surf the web. If you have any questions or
    comments, feel free to e-mail me.

    Jeffrey McMurtrie, CEO Handmedia


    Now...who wants to buy my Prism off me? HAHA! (j/k)

    P.S. Sorry Handspring
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    I can sum up my reaction to this post in three letters: huh?
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    Originally posted by Keefer Lucas
    I can sum up my reaction to this post in three letters: huh?
    Well, technically, three letters and a character.
    I've decided to become enigmatic.
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    Does this company even have a web site? Or is that vaporware too?
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    Originally posted by foo fighter
    Does this company even have a web site? Or is that vaporware too?
    Um, decide for yourself
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    Whatever it was, it seems to have been a "good call" by someone.

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