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    Hmm.. a new player, >HandMedia<, is supposedly on the verge of releasing a new Palm device with "never-before-seen PDA features". The CEO says that their site will be up in a few days, with artists renditions of the devices. Since they don't even have a site yet, just a press release. I wouldn't even call this vapor ware. More like "QuarkWare". But hey, its good fodder for some harmless fun and specualtion.
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    This is interesting stuff. But I thought that we all knew who the Palm OS is licensed to. I dont recall Palm Inc licensing the OS to a company called Handmedia. And why is it that the media contact have an highspeed internet email address instead of a email address?

    Another thing. How can a company with money to make the devices described in the Press Release have a Namezero domain? Out of all the other domain registrars out there, why go with Namezero which is a free domain provider. I have heard of cost cutting, but 15 bucks extra wont do much in R&D.
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    Hi, I'm the CEO of Handmedia

    Our website we just purchased from Namezero will be up early next week, and I think you will be very intrested. I encourage you to check it out. If you have any questions, comments or ideas feel free to e-mail me at jeffrey.mcmurtrie@rogers. ( I prefer my home e-mail for comments, and because my Palm is set up to recieve my mail, so I can read it anytime.) If you are intrested on recieving any information on our upcoming PDA's just e-mail my home e-mail.

    Jeffrey McMurtrie, CEO Handmedia

    P.S. If you were wondering why we were using NameZero, it is because they owned it, and we bought it from them.
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    I have to be skeptical but i am also curious.

    What kind of expansion are you describing? Is it a springboard clone?

    What kind of high res are you using Clie or Handera?

    Any mp3 support? What about an earphone jack? Or a loud speaker?

    Are you using a keyboard or just 6 buttons? Any directional keypad?
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    We plan currently to use Compact Flash Type Two. We expect to use screens that have higher resolution that either the current Clie or any Handera Palm. Later models will have Mp3 capabilities and a headphone jack, but the current models are expected to only use a loud speaker. (I am told this may change) Some of the higher priced models are expected to have a keyboard, but I can't release details yet. If you have any questions, comments, or ideas e-mail me.

    Jeffrey McMurtrie, CEO Handmedia
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    So...your company is a Palm OS Licensee but you work out of your house?

    I'm all for home-based business, but it would seem ot me you'd need a bit more operating expenditures to produce PDAs en masse.
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    I'm sorry if I led you to misunderstand. I just meant I check that e-mail more.

    Jeffrey McMurtrie, CEO Handmedia
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    Whats the specs on the device?
    It's all about how you spend the money.
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    You will have to check out the website when it is up. I will post the address as soon as it is in opperation. We here at Handmedia expect either late this week or early next week this will happen.
    Jeffrey McMurtrie, CEO Handmedia
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    Well, I look forward to the web site! (though, shouldn't you have waited for the site to go up before sending out press releases?)
    We're all naked if you turn us inside out.
    -David Byrne
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    The reason the site was not yet up was because of a very slight error which we will fix.

    Jeffrey McMurtrie, CEO Handmedia
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    This is Alexander Matovsky the COO not the CEO of HandMedia. We are the new PDA company which most believe is just a hoax. That is untrue. We have been working on these products for about 4 months. The Press-Release confusion was a complete mistake due to poor communication between R&D and the Marketing Team. Originally, it was schedualed that we would release information around late may. However, the R&D's role was completed much faster then anticipated and the Website team was still on track for the May goal. The marketing team pressed on the CEO to release the planned Press-Release originally dated to be released late may. When the Press-Release was released we came together and discussed about possible solutions to the problem of you believing it is untrue. We supported the press-release and decided to release whatever the Website Team had finished. As you can see it is not false. It is all true.

    We have reconsidered and I decided to just let you guys know first that the truth is released. The entire plan and the rest was completely ruined and now we will step up the deadlines for the completion of the website and projected release date of the first HandMedia Palm.

    As for the curious ones, I will respond to any questions or comments you have. Just please post it as a reply so I won't have to answer the same question twice.

    Thank you.
    -Alexander Matovsky-
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    I love a good mystery!

    Jeff or Alex, the CLIE runs some high-res apps a little slower than the same app on a 160x160 machine. I understand this to be because the Dragonball chip supports 160x160 natively, but higher resolution requires more resources from the processor.

    If you plan to have higer resolution than 320x320, will you use a new chip? The 66Mhz DB? Will these be OS 5 devices with the Xscale ARM processor?

    What about form factor? Doesn't CF Type II require more power than Type I? If so, how big will the battery, and thus the device need to be? Closer to an iPaq or a 505?
    That IS a Palm III form-factor in my pocket, AND I'm happy to see you.
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    Well, in answer to your question:

    1)We will be using a different chip.
    2)We will not be using a DB chip AT ALL. I thought that was mentioned but I guess not.
    3.)As to the OS, we are unsure of what Palm OS version we will be using for the first model. But the second and third model will be using Palm OS 5.
    3.)The design will be different then what the others use. It will be the HandMedia Design.
    4.)The batteries will be AA's and in the later models will use a Lithium Ion Rechargable Battery.
    5.) It won't be even close to anything you have every seen. Just wait and see.

    (All details are subject to change with notice)
    -Alexander Matovsky-
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    *waits anxiously
    It's all about how you spend the money.
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    With the high resolution how will we be sure that we can our screens? Will there be bigger fonts/icons etc. or will there be a bigger screen?
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    I hope to see some more info shortly.. I hate vaporware!
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    Hoax or not, I like these guys--any company with the chutzpah to identify themselves and then engage in coversations on message boards re: products is ok in my book...

    ...but really, from the vague reports I'm seeing here (not sure which OS you're using, and so on), don't you think it's a bit early to begin posting details? I think you guys had better worry less about us rumormongers and more about your product. I'd rather be left in the dark and actually see your awesome product than see you allow too many chefs into the kitchen.

    good luck! Welcome to the cutthroat world of PalmOS!
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    Well, see it from our point of view. We have not that much to do since we just boss around the lower guys. We think that details should be released early. All this info would have been on the site already. Since, i will be up soon then why wait?

    The screen will be bigger by the way.
    -Alexander Matovsky-
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    Since, i will be up soon then why wait?
    Well, one reason to wait is that for now, on first impression, it appears as vapor-ware.

    I could announce a new PalmOS product and it would be as credible as your press release.

    I'm not saying that your company isn't actually doing all of this, I'm merely pointing out what a lot of people would see on first impression.
    We're all naked if you turn us inside out.
    -David Byrne
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