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    Do you know how ruthless the people on these boards are? It is good to be skeptical but it seems we keep scaring people away.

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    Originally posted by dietrichbohn
    Hoax or not, I like these guys--any company with the chutzpah to identify themselves and then engage in coversations on message boards re: products is ok in my book... [...]
    The Usenet word for something like this would be 'troll'. It doesn't take chutzpah for some adolescent in Canada to email press releases and post a few messages on some internet boards. It just takes time (which most adolescents have plenty of). The Panda will kick anything produced by Handmedia's @$$.
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    My question about the 505 vs iPaq was about size. How big will these devices be?
    That IS a Palm III form-factor in my pocket, AND I'm happy to see you.
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    This is a hoax. Jeffrey McMurtrie, CEO of Handmedia, is 13 years old.

    [miradu moderating]While you have no qualms about posting other's personal info, it is against the policies of to have such info displayed without the subjects permission. Thus his ICQ number, phone number, birthdate and city have been removed. IF this is in fact a hoax, I am sure that eventually people from Handmedia will reveal themselves. [/moderating]

    Obviously, he has no qualms with wasting people's time. So I have none about posting his personal info here.

    -- Satch
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    Hi, this is Jeffrey McMurtrie, CEO Handmedia. May I ask where/how you got this information? I ask that because I do not use ICQ. If you prefer to e-mail me instead of posting it, then you may do so at If anyone has any questions or comments or ideas about our new line of palms, feel free to e-mail me at

    Thanks, Jeffrey McMurtrie, CEO Handmedia
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    Originally posted by Jeffrey
    I ask that because I do not use ICQ.
    whatever, man. you icq'd me the other day.

    and i just checked your icq stats and you are, indeed, 13.

    thanks for wasting my time, jerk.

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    I do not understand how you got this information. If you e-mail me I am sure we can resolve this. Rember to check out our website early next week.

    Jeffrey McMurtrie, CEO Handmedia
    Jeffrey McMurtrie, CEO Handmedia
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    you don't understand how i got it? here's the steps:

    1. i wrote you a letter after reading your press release. i mentioned that i'm a web designer and pda fan.

    2. you wrote me back, asking me to submit a quote. (actually, your exact question, which revealed your ignorance of anything web, was "how much does it cost?")

    3. i wrote you back and told you what an rfp was and how to assemble one. i also mentioned the fact that people on VC were guessing it was a hoax because you went with or whatever it's called.

    4. you came to VC and posted the first response, above.

    5. you added me to your icq contact list and started messaging me.

    6. now today i see the above post about you being thirteen. i click "details" in icq and it tells me you're thirteen years old, just as reported above.

    so, are you suggesting that on the very same day that jeffrey mcmurtrie, ceo of handmedia, is emailing with me, from toronto, ANOTHER jeffrey mcmurtrie, from toronto, randomly pulls my icq uin out of a hat and adds me to his contact list?

    gimme a break, man.

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    Let's give "Big" Jeff a hand.... and a peanut butter sandwich!
    That IS a Palm III form-factor in my pocket, AND I'm happy to see you.
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    i should mention that after seeing my post above, jeff emailed me this:

    "Since you do not want this job, we will give it to someone else. Thank you for you time, and rember [sic] to check out our website early next week."

    considering it's now saturday, and yesterday you were asking me for a quote for your website, how do you plan to have a site "early next week"?

    and yeah, you're right, i can't wait to see it.

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    This is just too funny. Amazing what people come up with.
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    Originally posted by recordond
    Do you know how ruthless the people on these boards are? It is good to be skeptical but it seems we keep scaring people away.
    Aw, hell. We scared him away.

    Anyway, I can personally vouch for this guy's pda's. They're going to be awesome! I've been working closely with Jeff (Jeffy, as we call him around the office) for some time now. I know it sounds bogus, but this is the real thing. I wish I could give specifics, but I think the artistic renditions will say enough. We'll make sure they photoshop a back of the device with a 512MB DDR RAM chip per our claims to PDA venue
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    you guys got me curious. when i read that he's in Toronto, i did some basic searching (phone book, map, etc.) and found out that Jeff lives right around the corner from my aunt! ( and a very short distance from me!)

    i guess i get dibs on the interview, unit test drive, etc. eh?
    wow, it's been awhile.....things have REALLY changed...why is my Visor Edge still in my hand? Will a Treo fit better?
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    they gotta phone number up, anyone dare call it? maybe i will, should i? lol, it would be funny to hear a 10 year old kid pick up and laugh at me for thinking it was a real company. oh well.
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    Or maybe you will get his or her mommy LOL.
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