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    Verizon's anti-iPhone gets its first commercial: 'Droid Does'

    Verizon is doing exactly what you had the opportunity to do first.
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    they've been too late with everything
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    Too late for what? Too late to do what first?
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    too late to make a commercial about maps, too late to make ads about what the iphone doesn't
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    Basically too late to do any sort of aggressive anti iphone campaign. Not with Verizon and Android taking that route.

    BTW..if you're going to move threads, at least do that when its appropriate. This is about Palm and the Pre. The link is just there as an example of what Palm should've been doing since they launched the Pre. Aggressively attacking the iphone.
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    BAD idea to move this thread away from the main forum. I very much agree, cardfan.

    And yeah, THIS is how you brand a new device and tweak Apple in one fell swoop. No stupid life-sized Facebook ("Hey, awesome commercial. But I couldn't seem to find the Facebook app anywhere in the App Catalog?") conceptual BS with monks practicing Tai Chi in a field in Tibet or pale ladies droning on about how their day is going.
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    Not only that, but Apple isn't likely to get much sympathy as they wrote the book attacking Microsoft.

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