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    Greetings peeps (yea I said peeps)
    I am sorta new here. I come to precentral all the time but now I'm coming as a Pre owner at long last. Of course I visit tipb regularly too, and I've been using the pre for a bout 2 weeks, and I now have an opinion on the pre in comparison to its flashy cousin the iphone.

    I love them both equally. The iphone does media 100% better than the pre, while the pre keeps me connected much better than the iphone. I refuse to use the term "iPhone Killer", because thats an insult to what the Pre is. I get things done on the pre, while I generally just play around on the iphone(theres nothing wrong with this at all. Don't knock it.) I'm a senior in college, and I'm constantly e-mailing and messaging teachers and students, and I needed a device that is ALWAYS connected (at the price of the battery) and webOS simply blows blackberry out of the water for me. However I do have my complaints, just like everyone else, and there the same as everyone else's, so no need to repeat them. Well, I will repeat this one because it annoys me the most -- I hate the keyboard and lack of real auto correct. Point blank, I make too many mistakes with this thing. I was beginning to look to the TouchPro 2 to fix this. ( No WinMo jokes, I'm like Dieter, I have faith, plus when Palm or Apple gives me a today screen, then we'll talk) Anyways-- Thats all.

    PS Sprint is more reliable and faster than AT&t for me in Atlanta. I'm just saying, although a US GSM Pre would be sick.
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    I used to have an iphone and how the hell does it do media better? Please don't tell me using that joke called itunes for syncing I hate that crap.
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    You would need power tools to pry my Pre from my cold, dead hand. I'm anti-iphone on principle, but it's music player has GOT to have better controls than the Palm one has. So that's at least one way it does media better.

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    Welcome. My advice is to save some money and ditch the cell phone plan with the iPhone. I was in the same boat as you. When I dropped my AT&T plan I removed the SIM out of my iPhone 2G and voila - instant iPod Touch. I'm not sure if I can update the software (not willing to try), but it will sync. Until I get a car adapter for my Pre then the Touch/iPhone still gets used in the car.

    I too have found Sprint to be more reliable in Atlanta. I love been able to get reception when passing the ATT building on GA400, something AT&T couldn't even do
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    LOL at the iTunes bashing. Give me a break.

    The iPhone has far better integration than the Pre. The media capabilities are FAR superior on the iPhone as well. (Games, Apps, Storage and overall support)

    I own THREE Palm Pre's and have room to talk on this issue. I ditched AT&T, not the iPhone. Sprint is cheaper, but I have has 4 replacement Pre's since June. I never had issues with Apples hardware like I do with Palm's.

    So, if its a money per month thing, I understand. Sprint has great coverage in my area, a fast data network and plans to die for. However, you are switching over to a CDMA carrier, so you better like what you get, because you will be limited on what devices you can use on their network.

    So if your dead set on a Pre, you might just want to get that GSM version that will be out soon enough.
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    How does iPhone do media better?

    My Youtube account is linked in through my account on the iPhone.
    The iPhone has an actual equalizer and scrubbing. Not to mention there is a bit of a lag on my Pre with the forward controls coming up, when I go to the music app. I think iPhone owns in just media and entertainment. iTunes not even included, just pure iPhone. The pre has to catch up in this department.

    And yea, the AT&T is cancelled. I love Sprint more than AT&T and I am really enjoying the Pre too much right now to consider giving it up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by emjay1986 View Post
    The iphone does media 100% better than the pre, ..."
    While I really like my Pre', I'm certainly not a hardcore fan boy, but saying 100% is pushing exaggeration hard don't you think?
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    My story is iPhone -> Pre -> Hero. I left the iPhone because it can't multitask and ultimately AT&T. Sprint's plans are no joke and coverage is much better here in San Francisco with Sprint.

    It's not even debatable that the iPhone handles media much better than the Pre. The iPhone does everything better except multitask and contact handling. The phone is smooth and when you do something it happens without hesitation. The Pre, sometimes I would have to click something two, .. three times before it would register.

    WebOS has a lot of maturing to do, but what will come first .. WebOS' maturity or Palm's death?

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