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    Wow, I don't know how this was missed by me in reviews or anything but did anybody else know the HTC Hero's camera supports TAP to FOCUS? i.e. 3GS?

    You can tap anywhere in viewfinder to set the autofocus point and it works marvelously!
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    Quote Originally Posted by donm527 View Post
    amazes me how so many still say crap like this... You are thinking days of taking pics on RAZR. it's like saying "browsing on phones is sooooo overrated."

    the pre takes excellent pics. That being said the 3gs takes excellent movies... As good as those flip cameras all the moms are carrying. And how it's integrated with camera and can flip to video instantly is great. And the ability to edit your clip a little on the fly then upload without having to dump on pc is genius.

    Give these phones more credit deserved for multimedia. Been Fantastic having for those moments with kids/family
    The pre takes marginally acceptable pics at best that will do in a pinch. Any, and I mean ANY point and shoot made in the last 4 or 5 years will do better than any, and I do mean ANY smartphone in any situation if available.

    Smartphone cameras are about convenience. The camera on them can best be comapred to the screwdriver on a swiss army knife. It'll do in a pinch, but it's much better to have a real screwdriver.

    Quote Originally Posted by ronnienyc View Post
    rc64: the Pre has NO focus. It is a permanent focus point on somewhere between here and the horizon.

    for Mobilehavoc re Hero Multitasking: hold the Home key down to quickly switch between open apps ;-) Works like a charm.
    Quote Originally Posted by Kupe View Post
    Fixed focus is set at the closest distance that will still allow images to be focused out to infinity. Typically, for camera optics, this is in the 12-15 foot range. Anything closer than this distance becomes more and more out of focus

    I don't think you people understand what depth of field means. The pre (like all fixed-focus cameras) has everything in focus from a certain distance (6ish or so inches probably) to infinity. EVERYTHING between the minimal focal distance and infinity will be in focus. There is no increasingly out of focus issue (outside of the minimum focal distance).
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    Mobile I thought you had moved on ....or are you just trying to promote another phone in the pre central area......
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