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    the pre is awesome imo
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Quote Originally Posted by chrisgianti View Post
    I am currently on the fence about either keeping the Samsung Moment, or switching to the BB Tour, or the Palm Treo Pro. I'd pick up the HTC Touch Pro 2 if it weren't so damned expensive. Hopefully they'll come out with fixes and mods for the Moment to improve it. It needs some tweaking...but I'm probably willing to put up with it for all that it's capable of.
    If you want one, you can get the TP2 pretty cheap ($49) if you look around.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gmanvbva View Post
    If you want one, you can get the TP2 pretty cheap ($49) if you look around.
    I want to chop your head off and say "yeah riite" 49 bucks then turnaround say "oh I didn't mean to.. did he mean say $349? ohhh wasted life"
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    I also had both. when my pre broke and I was waiting for a replacement, got a moment to play with. After a few weeks I had to bring the moment back.

    Moment is a nice phone. But Android is WAY clunky. I did not like how it worked. to turn on wi-fi, or gps, have to navigate to many submenus to find stuff. The system that turns off the screen while you speak on a call? Not very accurate, so sometimes my face would terminate a call.

    The battery life? Don't even get me started. I know android has a ton more apps than pre at this point, but I did not come across anything that got my attention. Soundboard apps should NOT count to the app store total anyway!

    The screen was great. The keyboard was ok but not great. Battery life as I said before was bad. It does not feel good to hold in my hand. My pre has a azmer 2600 battery and its big but feels great in the hand.

    Multi-tasking in android was a chore, it was simple within 2 min on the pre.
    Yes palm is kind of screwed I think just in the sense that android by phone and market share is going to overwhelm palm...but in terms of head to head, at least web os 1.3 vs android 1.5 or 1.6, no contest!
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    I was trying out both a Hero and a Moment yesterday.. the Moment is definitely faster than the Hero (UI responsiveness, running apps, etc). However, the Moment seemed very cheap and flimsy compared to the Hero. The Moment feels a lot like a Pre after you've had it for a few months, whereas the Hero feels a lot like a Pre fresh out of the box.
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    IMO the Pre is better simply because of the ease of webOS. I have a friend with the moment, and I think the current pre is smoother while running everyday tasks. Also, if you take advantage of the fine work done by preware the pre gets better everyweek.
    I would assume for Palm's sake that CES will bring about more imporvements to the pre to help round this phone out.
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