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    Quote Originally Posted by dandbj13 View Post
    Seems to me that the profile of a Pre fan is:
    1. Someone who hates all things Apple.
    2. Someone who is stuck with Sprint.

    The Pre should have never been compared with an iPhone. They are not the same class of device. The Pre is a fine choice on its own merits. For example, you may look pretty good, but compared to Brad Pitt... why would you ever make that comparison?

    The iPhone continues to draw new customers to AT&T. That means that even people who are stuck in other contracts and who do not necessarily like AT&T still go there for the iPhone. Sprint, on the other hand, is still bleeding customers, just not quite as fast as they were. There is no evidence that the public is leaping over hurdles to get a Pre.

    There is also the matter of software. The iPhone comes with more useful software out of the box than most phones ever get. People use data services more heavily on the iPhone than any other phone past or present. That is because the experience of using such services is second to none on the iPhone. More things are more accessible. Speaking of accessibility, Apple has included a built-in screen reader for the visually impaired. The phone is fully accessible for people with disabilities. No one else is even thinking about this stuff. Apple is implementing it at no extra cost.

    Dare I mention sync? Palm's best answer to Apple's world-beating solution is to pretend that it is an Apple product. In no way is the Pre in the same league as the iPhone 3GS. Even Sprint does not try to make a quality comparison. Sprint's response to the iPhone is that the Pre is cheaper to use. File it in the category of "You get what you pay for."

    It is possible that you do not meet the above two conditions and still prefer the Pre. If so, you would be in the extreme minority. Buy a Pre for what it is. But don't try to convince yourself that it is "better" than an iPhone 3GS. That is a loosing proposition.
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    I'm too slow to type, but this was in reply to dante501 for what it's worth

    I still have 1st gen iPhone and all the apps work for it. You are correct about ATT that's why I have changed to Sprint, but was hoping Pre would be a little more. But original question was a guy from Australia - don't think he cares about carrier batter in USA

    Battery is still great on two year old iPhone - no need to change it. Just used it last night for Wifi to listen/watch Tigers vs Twins - almost 5 straight hours without plugging in (although, battery was very, very low at end of game) - BATTERY SUCKS on Pre, have to plug it in all the time to keep a charge

    Multi-taking is genius idea on Pre but Pre is way too slow it way down-I don't keep many up because of this. So it compares pretty much the same when switching from program to program on iPhone.

    And, iphone 1st gen had video capabilities too - but kind of ridiculous to be recording video on a little device with such little memory - really not a game changer for phones

    I guess, for the user in Australia - I would try them both and read some other forums too and make your pick - they are both solid devices but I miss the every day use of the iPhone but ATT in US sucks so had to go with Sprint and Pre. I like it, don't get me wrong, but hopefully future versions of Pre will be better, but Pixi doesn't sound too promising??
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    To me, the iPhone feels like a toy after experiencing the Pre, which acts and feels more like a real computer. The icing on the cake in the States is the 1800 dollars I'll save over my two-yr contract, and the better quality of the unburdened Sprint network (I HOPE we never have as many customers as ATT)! People ignore those things; foolishly, I think.

    Perhaps the iPhone feels like such a toy to me because, for all the apps, most of the ones I have are GAMES (and it's not the best gaming platform, at that). Out of the box, the Pre had everything I needed, though homebrew apps have certainly made it even better.

    In the end, as others have said: they're both excellent phones, and I think you'll be amazed by the Pre when you first play with it. But they also have their weaknesses, and you'll have to decide what features you most care about.
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    btoh phones r good in there own way but the iphone is just basically a media phone where the pre is also a real pda a smartphone that also does entertainment verywell and even better business stuff. and hd youtube all the way on pre and pre can do video u just have to tweak it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikah912 View Post
    But objectively speaking, the iPhone 3GS has more capable hardware, more developed software, and a more expansive display. That is indisputably true.
    The original poster was looking specifically at an iPhone 3GS. Perhaps the next version of the Pre will make a better comparison, but the next version of the Pre isn't out yet.
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    The only thing I'd like to see on the Pre than the iPhone has is a larger screen. That's really it.

    The more I use the Pre on a regular basis, the more I feel it's almost some sort of a mix between an Apple product and something from Reasearch in Motion.
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    well sucks the tigers lost it in the last second and out of the playoffs. anyhow ya both phones r good in there ways but just for the fact of multitasking a real keyboard the unlimited way to costumise ur phone and tweak it and u actually can put a stronger batterie in it and the email is just better the webrowser is more capalable and where can u listen to pandora radio use gps navigation email tv texting youtube internet at the same time??? iphone??? well no way. and the palm pre isnt slow after those updates just pandora is still slow in a way. but hell using those apps at the same time just blows iphone away. mediawise the iphone is justbthe best but the palm pre does so much more then that ;-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by dandbj13 View Post
    The original poster was looking specifically at an iPhone 3GS. Perhaps the next version of the Pre will make a better comparison, but the next version of the Pre isn't out yet.
    Well, objective stats, the iPhone 3GS is better. But a smartphone experience is defined by more than stats. I mean, on paper, what's iPhone 3GS or a Nokia N97?
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    yes excatly its and i phone missed with and blackberry and multitaskin. u took it right to the point besides that even email on a blackberry is kinda still arkward ;-) but ya iphone missed with blackberry puts it pretty good.
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    probably a nokia but it just wont have the sugges then an iphone has. is with somethings just like it that made so a big name because when the iphone first came out it was something new exitind refreshing and so but now phones close so in to a iphone its just barely a difference anymore iphone is starting to show his age i mean the not redesign not really changing a device will one day not keep it on top. its just like that. and hey more apps ya but hold palm pre does gps tv music youtube hd live video streaming and so on looks like the same stuff an iphone 3g does hmm. and also it a smartphone well. arkward.
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    smartphone and ihpone some how sounds like no go no phone to me.
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    As I've posted many times before.
    Your first impression is that the Pre is going to be really cool and will do everything your Palm 680 does. If you've seen or used an iPhone and seen all of the applications which people run on them, you're probably jealous.
    Expectations are never met when you get your new phone, especially coming from a previous Palm platform.

    So, my word of advice is to keep your expectations low, be patient, and learn and understand the potential of the WebOS platform. That is probably the most promising thing about the Pre. It has the potential be ported to different platforms and have the same experience you'll get from the Pre. I'm waiting to see when Palm releases a tablet/netbook with the phone feature in it as well version as you'll be able to use the touch screen on that as well as using a keyboard and bring it anywhere. The major benefit of that is that you will get a bigger screen. (Palm MobileOffice) Bluetooth phone, when you're in Wifi, you can use the Wifi for all of your data plus have IP telephony, integrated with GoogleVoice you have your phone calls automatically routed to that device, calendaring, contacts (both professional and personal accounts all synergized to one view easily searched and more and best of all being able to MULTI-TASK!) (ok, I'm going off topic)

    I have found that the iPhone users love the games and other cool consumer applications like music stuff on the iPhone, however from a productivity and business device, I think Palm is better suited even with the limited applications. If you're focused on the consumer market.. then the iPhone will probably be the thing for the short term as they have tons of applications. Some think too much and worthless apps too!

    Bottom line, don't buy the Pre with huge expectations as you will be depressed. The Treo 680 still had more features in it's email, but the presentation was lacking. Web stuff is definitely an improvement over the Treo 680 and that is where everything is going. Flash is coming soon as well. The question is what do you want your smartphone to do? what do you do with the smart phone currently? what features would you like to have on your next device? If you can answer those, and look at the features out of the box with the Pre and see that the Pre supports those, then I'd say you're better off with the Pre, unless the iPhone releases a next generation OS similar to the Pre. I haven't taken a look into the Google Android platform yet, so I can't give you any insight there, however to say that it could be a big player in the future as so many handset manufacturers have adopted it as one of their next generation mobile OS.
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    I took the taste challenge, and clearly Pepsi is the winner...
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    but dont worry pre wont have the selling a iphone has yet but i am sure one day there will be a change in things and people realize that there somephones out they just do more and if apple deosnt step up there game they will lose it soon then more and more people i know with an iphone are jealous to see there is a phone that multitask and does stuff like the iphone does and is the better business phone as well. so ya people realize that its coming. and i heart from att theire arent allowed to bring the palm pre to there network then apple doesnt want a rival device on att well soumds to me apple knows its better and they have to step it up or why else would aple tell att not to bring the pre on there network. looks to me like being afraid.
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    i would wait to buy a pre.

    it is a great phone for those that are patient - and definitely a piece of heaven if you enjoy multitasking.

    unfortunately, the phone as well as the application catalog was launched half baked.

    you will note that most of the posts that occur after somebody asks a 'why?' question ultimately leads to 'you need to have patience' and 'palm is gonna...'

    when i bought my phone at launch, i could have used the same money to buy a washing machine, a television, or a couch. most of the people that respond with a excuse for the pre and it's lack of whatever - would return a television rather than be patient to see if sony is going to fix that.

    most of the applications that are available (for whatever reason) perform functions that the pre does already, there are simply less keystrokes.

    if you want a finished product, i would wait a year and see what palm does - for all we know apple will catch up with the only real technical advantage that the pre has and then you will have all of the wonderful applications as well as a multitasker. although, i have read that the service for the iphone is less that desirable - which is probably only one click down from sprint in my area.

    i don't know that i could get used to holding a iphone or any other phone in my hand after holding a pre, and i'm a patient guy - i'll wait for the real applications to come, and hopefully by then they will fit in my phone.

    hooked on:
    the feel of the phone.
    not having to drop an application to respond to a text message, email, or phone call.
    the web browser.
    the ability to slide open the keyboard, type a question, and get a answer.
    the overall speed.
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    pepsi i see cool. next job for u is taking the challenge coke zero and pepsi zero keep us updated about that thanks
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    Quote Originally Posted by anaphora68 View Post
    The iPhone ... and cannot multi-task at all.

    Just wanted to correct this common and gross piece of mis-information. Yes, the iPhone does multi-task, with 6-7 core apps running in the background and dozens of other background processes. The iPhone's use of the home-button to switch between the "modal" display of these apps is not nearly as slick as the cards implementation on the Pre (this is what I consider to be the "perceived" multi-tasking effect people discuss, which is better on the Pre). However I should note that in my experience, app switching is still faster on the iPhone 3GS than the Pre in most cases.

    My answer to the OP is that you need to try the Pre when you get a chance, and then decide. You have some very strong first impressions from the iPhone, and you need to weigh those against your experience with the Pre. Good luck!
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    The iPhone may look cool, but you quickly find out you're stuck with Das Apple and the Jobs-Fueherer.

    The Pre has a better keyboard, better OS, will have better homebrew integration (e.g. no need to root), better network, better support, is less gimped. The battery life is a problem. Also, it's a smidge slower than the 3GS because of it's memory speed (otherwise it has identical specs).

    On the whole, I certainly prefer the Pre to the iPhone. Plus, it's always better to not have the same thing that everyone else is carrying around.
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    that spoken wisely tarhead
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    Wow, Pre vs iPhone still a hot button argument ... even got the Apple fan boys to chime in 8^). "Not the same class of device", eh? In fact, they're very much the same type of device, each with their strengths (as most people have said).

    iPhone GUI is very fast/snappy, has obviously more (and generally better) apps, and is a better choice if media is your major interest.

    Pre has a more advanced OS with real multi-tasking and a nicer form factor IMO (smaller w/ keyboard). Also, Palm is updating things very quickly to press their advantage at the OS level (iPhone OS will start to look old school next to WebOS and Android). Looks to me like they're staking out the middle ground with one foot in entertainment (Apple) and one in business (Blackberry).

    Just my $.02
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