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    yeah I am getting mine Friday with the rewards zone card. I guess I should go Pre order before then.
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    Quote Originally Posted by max.swell View Post
    Uh...this is the Pre forum. The Hero forum is over there :/
    Hmm, I thought the label on this sub-forum was "cross platform chat"? If you don't want to read about alternatives to the Pre then don't read this sub-forum Feel free to post in Hero forums' cross-platform forums about the Pre.

    Anyway, it is the Hero for me. As much as I wanted a Palm the Pre just has too many reported HW issues and I really don't like cramped keyboards that can only be used in one orientation. YMMV.

    In a year (when my Hero is eligible for a replacement as a Sprint Premier customer) I will re-evaluate the phone landscape. At this particular time the Hero has more going for it (Android) than the Pre (Web OS).
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    1+ I feel the same way. I love the Pre but the hero has so much more going right now. I will come back to the Pre when things get better in the hardware division. The phone is awesome and I think palm has a great phone in their hands. Maybe gen 2 will be built more sturdy next time
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    I may have just gotten a bad BB mobile rep but when i swung by BB today to preorder a hero he wouldn't let me. He said they are only available to sprint customers who are eligible for a 2 year upgrade. I burned mine getting the pre. Kind of odd they wouldn't let me preorder/buy one at full price.

    I guess i'll try the sprint store on sunday. Hope they will let me buy one a full retail price.

    Anyone have any idea if they will be available to order on on sunday?
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    My wife is pretty excited about the Hero, but also likes the looks of the Pixi. Will wait for both to come out and compare at that point.
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    Omega33, that salesman is nuts. The price w/o contract is apparently $429.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ronnienyc View Post
    Omega33, that salesman is nuts. The price w/o contract is apparently $429.
    Thanks i thought so. I couldn't see them telling a sprint customer you can't buy a phone cause you already bought one a few months ago lol.

    The price was another odd point. I asked how much it would be anyways without the renew 2yr discount and when he pulled it up on his screen it showed $599.99. I thought okay but what about the instant rebates and he said there was none unless i was renewing my 2yr plan.

    So just to be clear and to make sure i don't get ripped off by some employee that doesn't know what he/she is doing. If i go to the store this Sunday to get a Hero the price tag without renewing a 2yr plan should be 429.99 plus tax out the door, is that correct.
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    That's the Price from a Sprint store - BB could charge more as they have done with some other phones. (the list the Blackberry Curve at $750! That's $100 more than their price for the Tour.)
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    news flash****** fresh off the press

    $329.00 with no contract

    also triple confirmed with three stores that it will be available on Friday the 9th for Pre orders and reward zone customers. Yipeeeee
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    Hey $329 is even better. Thanks for the info. I'll probably just wait and try to get one on sunday right from the sprint store.

    I don't even think the sprint stores have been given the latest/updated pricing yet. On my way home i swung by a sprint corp store to see if there was any chance they might start selling them on Sat, of course they said no. When i asked how much it would be with no contract and they said $549.99 lol. Probably a old price left in their system when the hero was first put in month(s) ago.

    I expected to pay close to $500 but $329.00 will be a much easier on my bank account. Now I really can't wait till sunday. I'll probably get to the store 10 minutes after then sell their last one lol but i'd be happy waiting a week for them to order one knowing how much less it will cost now
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    I believe the $329 is incorrect.

    Fine print on the Sprint site says $429 w/o contract:

    See below:

    An excerpt: "$429.99 - $150.00 (two-year activation) - $100.00 (mail-in rebate) = $179.99 (final price)."
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    I've heard the Sprint Hero ships with 1.5, and there are rumors of 1.6, and then there are these videos with the original Hero running ROM 2.x which looks faster than the US one with OS 1.x. Anyone know the difference between the 1.5 OS vs. this 2.x ROM? Is "ROM" and "OS" referring to the same thing or different things?

    Video of HTC Hero ROM Update

    ROM Upgrade for HTC Hero_2.73.405.5
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    this is the Pre forum. not the Hero forum!
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    This forum is called: "Cross-Platform Chat"
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    Quote Originally Posted by drewjohn View Post
    this is the Pre forum. not the Hero forum!
    Actually, this is the "Other Devices" forum, so a posting about the Hero in here is correct. Before you feel the need to correct someone, please make sure you're correct yourself.
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    It's the same OS but tweaked to make it go much smoother than before. Honestly, with that new update the Hero looks really, really good. The Sprint version is a little bit uglier because they got rid of the box shape and made it curvy which I was disappointed with, but overall I like the htc take on android and the usefulness of the phone. I might switch to android if palm doesn't get a better webOS phone out there.

    The pre is good and WebOS is great, I need better hardware than this and that is definitely what the Hero is selling me.
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    Mr Ny, whats the difference between the OS and the ROM they are talking about?
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    how about running htc theme on the pre.... who can do something like that?????
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    I am sure the Pre will find an Android Sense theme sometime soon.
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    The Sprint ROM is the most current ROM available. And if you are referring to donut (1.6), that's not going to fix the lagginess of the phone either.

    BoyGenius sums up exactly what I've been saying.

    Sprint HTC Hero thoughts : Boy Genius Report
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