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    Ordered one at bestbuy today myself (in nyc) - fyi the sales person said they expect it this month (sept 27). May be nonsense but that's what she said.
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    There are other phones to come on Sprint other than Hero. The new Instinct HD looks interesting.. .

    Check here for specs on what's to come >>>

    Upcoming Sprint phones (Phone Arena)
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    According to the fine print below, the Hero will be $429 without re-upping one's contract. Quite inexpensive compared to other high end smart phones (Pre, BBs...), and should make it easier for those of us who want to get the Hero and also keep a Pre on hand ;-)

    Sprint | Coming soon. Only from Sprint. The HTC Hero™ with Google.

    "While supplies last. $429.99 - $150.00 (two-year activation) - $100.00 (mail-in rebate) = $179.99 (final price)."
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    tempting..... ill wait till October and see if ill get a hero or another Pre

    Touch Pro 2 with manila 2.5 looks great too but that $600 price tag isnt worth it... yeouch!!
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    I'm not interested.
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    I am thinking about getting a hero down the road. I would probably end up switching back and forth between the two devices.
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    The lag video is pretty good. I don't know if everyone else's is the same but my Pre lags like the euro HTC Touch. It's not all the snappy when I'm in the launcher sliding from page to page
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    Hero def looks faster than my Pre is.
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    what's the point of this thread?
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    Mr Brick, this is cross platform chat, correct? There are many people interested in the Hero.
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    Those are the worst video reviews I have ever seen. The person doing the reviews were not very articulate or tech-savy and seemed like he had no idea what he was trying to say and was not very educated on the phones he were attempting to review.

    They were very painful to watch.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jhoff80 View Post
    That's a pretty cool review.

    Seeing the Hero struggle with its browser, I have a feeling that's all due to Flash. I pray that whenever it gets put onto webOS they have the sense to let you turn it off.
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    Quote Originally Posted by brickcityfc View Post
    what's the point of this thread?
    some people have a problem admitting failure!!!! its ok, sorry if we offended your little pre.....i suppose it will cry....once palm puts out an update for that!

    i have a new palm slogan........................wait for goes.....

    Hey my PALM PRE sucks............

    Dont worry "theres an update for that"
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    a few more - this guy is pretty thorough:

    Review: Sprint HTC Hero @ Mobility Today
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    The browser on the Hero looks better to me: larger type so it's easier to read, better re-flowing of text when pinch/zooming, and importantly: you can select whether the browser loads mobile or full web pages! So there is generally less pinching/zooming/swiping involved.
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    the only reason the hero's browser is a little slower is because it has to redraw text when yiu zoom or multi touch zoom in. Unlike the pre the hero actually has intelligent zoom that scales the text to wrap around for easy viewing of webpages. All the reviewers seem to skip that or not realize that is what makes it a little slower.
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    According to the above flyer Best Buy Reward Zone customers can get the Hero starting 10/9. Two days before the unwashed masses ;-)
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    Uh...this is the Pre forum. The Hero forum is over there :/
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