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    Thanks for the reply. What sms app would you recommend ?
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    The two that people seem to use are ChompSMS and Handcent SMS
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    Thanks! I tried chomp sms and it is cool! Any other apps you recommend for an android newbie?
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    I love my Pre but after playing with the Hero (Ironically I was at Sprint because of yet another Pre issue) I loved the phone. Unfortunately I have had the Pre for 3 months and don't wanna pay $500 for the Hero.
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    I'm selling my Pre and accessories for $300 in order to get a Hero. If interested, send me a PM.
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    Quick question for those of you with the Hero. I like how on the Pre you can integrate your Facebook events into your calander on the phone. Can you do this on the Hero?

    Also I read some App animations were disabled in the new rom to help with the lag. Just wondering if when its raining, and you look at the weather app, the raindrops appear on the screen. Always thought that was cool on the european hero.

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    yes they appear along with a windshield wiper moving!
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    thanks for the suggestion. How do you get it to quit sending the SMS to both programs? I am getting the sms with the standard app as well as the new one. Thanks for helping!
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