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    My second Prism is only a few weeks old and appears to be dead already. I returned my first Prism in December, when I saw the screen flicker (didn't know flicker was normal at that time). Tonight while entering a few new appointments, my screen went totally white. At first I couldn't even turn the unit off. I tried a soft and then hard reset, but still a white (blank) screen. I even placed the unit back on the charger for 30 minutes, but still a white screen. The Prism would not do a sync with my pc either. After the 30 minute recharge, I was allowed to turn the unit on and off using the power button, but still a white (blank) screen in the on state. I even tried a charger/soft reset. Still nothing. The funny part is, the unit has not been dropped, or even left the house to-date. I really don't want to open the unit up, and reseat the display ribbon cable, like I had to on my old Palm IIIx years ago. The only new S/W added since getting my Prism was Databk4, so I could share appointments with my wife's Neo. Yesterday both PDS worked fine. Tonight my work Prism is dead. BTW, my wife's Neo still works & syncs fine. Any ideas? (Please don't tell me to take my wife's neo to work. :-)
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    I get a pure white screen with my Prism and MemPlug whenever the MemPlug is not properly inserted, which sometimes takes some fiddling.

    Sometimes the white screen lasts for several long minutes, then it gives me a screen with the word 'Loading...' on it.

    Is there a chance that your problem is related to a module as well?
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    solved problem. bought m500.

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