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    Watching a game this weekend with some friends, She had her EnV Touch out and was useing her FB app, She was asking me how could she keep her FB app up and still answer a call or do other things. I whipped out my pre and quickly opened 4 cards at the same time and flipped between them.. She was very impressed. Her phone was slow and hard to navigate..The time it took for me to get reg FB on the web up and running and the pinch zoom blew her away.. When I told her the cost of my plan she was even more impressed.. It was so fun.. When you are able to compare web OS to to other operating systems it really shines thru..
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    You know, if you get coverage in your area, Sprint is pretty awesome. I don't think most people think how much they pay for their cell phone until they hear about our awesomely cheaper plan.
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    Its really not fair to compare a smartphone to a dumbphone.
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    The thing about people that are use to using dumbphones is that they tend to have a difficult time transitioning over to a smartphone. They tend to not know the customization behind them because the dumbphones already have all the presets and limits so much of what you can do to it.

    Ironically, at least the LV has a Facebook app. I'm actually surprised she didn't ask you why your phone didn't have an official FAcebook app - at the same time, she probably thought whatever you showed her was the app itself.
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    Quote Originally Posted by beret9987 View Post
    You know, if you get coverage in your area, Sprint is pretty awesome....
    This is key. If you live in the wonderful (sarcasm) iPCS Sprint affiliate coverage area, do not try to show off you Pre.

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