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    does any body know if the iphone will be on the sprint network any time soon???????
    thanks to sprint I will be up for an upgrade come feburary unfortuneately I am one with the pre. 2 and half months is too long to wait for an upgrade to a device that was released early to compete with the 3gs release, palm should have waited a year to release this device! not to mention the fact that so far the leaked 1.2 has shown only a third of the features that shouldv'e been stock on the phone from the jump.
    I was about to buy a car charger for my pre but have decided to refrain from buying any palm accesories or pay for any apps until I am eligible to upgrade or palm updates the phone at least 80% of what is needed to be updated. at the pace palm is moving I am likely to switch to either blackberry or htc unless iphone is coming soon
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    Doubt sprint will get it but that would be nice.
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    lmfao because lmfao

    but seriously

    don't hold your breath for the iPhone on Sprint. I seriously doubt that they will get it anytime soon... especially over Verizon. AT&T is holding on to it for dear life as that is the only 'benefit' (this is debateable) they have.
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    that sucks because I am not too impressed with the htc hero and am not to big on blackberry maybe the pre 2 will be surfacing around that time and I may give palm a last 30 days
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    With Apple making the rounds across the globe with the iPhone on GSM, I seriously doubt they would go to the time and effort in releasing the iPhone on a CDMA network. The extra support costs make it unlikely from a business perspective. Of course that's not to say they don't hold the threat over AT&T's heads

    If your problem with the Hero is its sluggishness in the initial reviews, keep in mind that these problems have reportedly been fixed already with a update and that Sprint will be rolling the Hero out with the updated software. I was torn between the Pre and Hero but chose the Pre because it has push Yahoo, the Hero polls.
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    the hero has push too with all the email services including exchange.....

    Also if at&t loses the iphone, they will be dead in the water. That iphone is the only thing I would even look at. Their plans are too high. Don't be surprised if they change their plans around the holidays. Sprint dropping anytime mobile was a smack in the face to them. They dropped their 5 people call anytime deal and didn't even advertise it. I think they knew it would sound stupid after what sprint did.
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    I read in a few places (mostly forums) that Yahoo push is not supported in the Hero, but instead it uses IMAP - monitors for changes and then automatically downloads any changes that have happened.

    Maybe I'm slow or something though and this is what Yahoo "push" has always been?
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    Tomh1102, February is a long time away. One or more of the following might happen between now and then:

    1. Another WebOS device might come to Sprint or info about pre 2 might start leaking.
    2. Windows mobile 7 may be around the horizon.
    3. A kick-*** android phone might come to Sprint.

    Don't think there is any chance of iPhone coming to Sprint and its sad (for Sprint). Its painful to see the company suffer when a company like AT&T is making out like a bandit.

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