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  • Handspring Treo

    5 29.41%
  • Visor with Sprint/Visorphone module

    1 5.88%
  • Bluetooth mobile with bluetooth enabled PDA

    10 58.82%
  • Upcoming Palm wireless model

    1 5.88%
  • I don't need wireless access for my PDA

    0 0%
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    Well.. with Sony Ericsson and prices of bluetooth/gprs phones starting to go down along with coming deals for gprs phones by telcos it seems that the next six months looks to make bluetooth phones and accessories affordable.

    I wondered about this before the Treo was announced, but it may seem that HS might see the market for Treo's shrink with bluetooth being more popular.

    For example.. if you bought a Treo (b/w at that) that's all you're ever going to be able to use. But with a bluetooth handphone, you could pick from different PDA's, laptops, headsets and other accessories. Plus you could upgrade your phone a few months down the lane with a trade up deal with your telco. Don't like your current PDA? Then you can sell it and get another one which supports bluetooth. Don't like the headset? You can get a wireless one from Nokia or Ericsson. With the Treo.. you get whatever HS has for it, and if sales aren't promising, then you might not be able to get as much accessories for it as you can for a Nokia, Motorola or Ericcson phone (ie Edge keyboard). You can't even get as many accessories for it as compared to other PDA's either as it is non expandable.

    Just looking to see how other's think of the next six months. Me.. even though I liked HS's support, I can see myself with a cheap Ericsson bluetooth mobile and a Sony T600 Clie or any other good bluetooth enabled PDA coming out next year before OS5.
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    I voted Treo, but I'm skewed...

    ...Thing is, even though we don't have so much as a ship date for the treo, we've got even less for bluetooth in America... I think in a year it'll be a choice between Bluetooth and a phone and an integrated device... and at that point it's more personal preference than utility... I will say that I'm not holding my breath for any Treo accessories..
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    I myself would see me using a bluetooth enabled pda (red-m module for visor, hello! ) along with a bluetooth cellphone. I am amazed at bluetooth when I've actualyl seen it work, and I still get that seperate phone I wanted
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    Even in third world Malaysia, all operators are soon pushing for a GPRS (service already operating) and GPRS phones are now just a bit higher that mainstream phones last year. Older bluetooth phones are now cheap as well if you don't mind having only 64kbits/s GPRS connection.

    I agree that it will be a preference between built-in (eg. Palm wireless, Treo and other combination phones, PDA) and seperate devices.
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    The Visor/Bluetooth/Bluetooth Phone makes for an elegant wireless (Personal Area Network) solution. But the integration of the Treo is compelling. I am going to drop my VisorPhone for the Bluetooth solution but I will still be keeping an eye out for the color Treo. Imagine a mobile wireless network with the phone as the center piece and you are able to connect your PDA and Bluetooth enabled laptop to it.
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    Originally posted by yardie
    Imagine a mobile wireless network with the phone as the center piece and you are able to connect your PDA and Bluetooth enabled laptop to it.
    I am dreaming of it every night I've seen what highspeed and cheap wireless can be. Even at just 64k/bits it's really convenient to just snap in a PC Card as you can in Japan to any laptop or device that supports PC Cards and you can have wireless access to the internet at flat rates.

    Having a bluetooth phone that has always on GPRS at 64kbits and above is great. I can use my PDA or my laptop to access the internet with my phone in my bag or pocket. Another great thing is that I can make a phone call via my Visor and talk using the wireless headset or still make calls without my Visor, send emails on my PDA etc. without fiddling with the phone for an internet connection or making calls.

    This is a preference of course. Some people just prefer and all in one solution like the Treo or the Samsung. I feel sorry for Handspring in a way. If Sony Ericsson wanted a Treo like device out before the end of next year they can make one and have better technology (and millions more in R&D and marketing). It's gonna be a tough year for HS but hopefully a great year for consumers for choice for wireless access.
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    I voted for the Bluetooth PDA/ Phone combo. This choice is leading right now. Why? Because if you REALLY like cool phones, and you REALLY like cool PDAs, hybrids just get on your nerves! The worst example is that Kryocia freak-phone. Even the Treo bugs me, and it is a very well designed device. The screen is too small for a PDA, and the unit is too big for a cell phone (although not by much).

    I would buy a phone that big with the right feature set, but the Treo just messes up my PDA groove.
    That IS a Palm III form-factor in my pocket, AND I'm happy to see you.

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