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    from phandroid:
    "I wouldn’t worry about the Engadget review.

    In the comments section on that Engadget post, Joshua Topolsky says that the build on his Sprint Hero is 1.22.651.1 — firmware is 1.5. Since we know that the updated (quicker) ROM is version 2.xx.yyy.y and pretty much all other reviews say that the Sprint Hero is ’snappier’ than the Euro/GSM version we must conclude that poor Joshua got a copy with the original ROM.

    HTC has made a statement (saw it somewhere earlier today) that said all Sprint Heros would be shipping with the 2.xx ROM. :-D"

    So those of us who get the Sprint HERO should have the non-laggy ROM preinstalled on there.
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    No keyboard - right?
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    That's right - no hardware keyboard - like the iPhone ;-) And the touch screen is real glass.
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    The Gizmodo review did have the latest ROM. They described it as usable as the G1.
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    This from the Gizmodo review:

    "The real power of this Hero is that the best Android phone you can buy—it's everything good we said about the first Hero, but with our biggest complaint, speed, fixed"

    "Everything else about this version of the phone is better: The software, which is exactly the same content-wise on the HTC front as the first Hero, has been seriously optimized, so it doesn't suffer show-stopping slowdowns anymore"

    (I saw no mention of which ROM they had...)
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    I lost faith in engadget on how they handled the sprint hero. They had fun bashing it but when the issues were resolved...they said there is no need for a review. User comments show that other people were pissed too.
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    There was no need because he still had an old ROM on there! Maybe once they have the new ROM there'll be a need ;-)
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    Oh ok I didn't know that.
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    Interestingly though, in their last podcast they compared it to the Cliq, which they said was actually snappy.

    They mentioned briefly that unlike HTC, Motorola optimized the way running widgets get their updates so they don't have to constantly poll, possibly with some kind of centralized push server. No details were given.

    But I would also suspect that Moto's UI is a lot simpler to render.
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