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    I've got a 64 Mb MS for my CLIE. When I mount it as a drive using MSMount, the properties for that 'drive' say it has a capacity of 61.8 MB. That I could live with (it's only 2.2 Mb).

    However, the properties also say that I have used 29.3 Mb but the MS only contains 2 items, the Palm directory (25.7 Mb) and Memstick.ind (0 Mb). 25.7 Mb + 0 Mb does not equal 29.3 Mb. that's another 3.6 Mb. For a total of 5.8 Mb I don't have available. That's almost 10% of the total capacity. I'm aware that files on disk drives usually take up more space than the actual file size but this seems like alot more space to me.

    In case you were wondering, I do have 'Show hidden files' checked in the folder properties. Also, I have copied the Palm directory to the pc, reformatted the MS and copied the palm directory back with the same results.

    Do MS's get fragmented like disk drives? Any other ideas?
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    Don't know about the MS specifically, but my CF does the same thing, I think it's system stuff - so it can read files and such, kinda like formatting a hard drive (I've got a 20G drive, after formatting - 18G left)
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    Hmm, that's weird. With my Mac, I was getting about 61 MB, because Macs always add some junk folders to any removable media, (Trash, System Folder, etc). Dunno how you could be getting that...Might wanna try just re-formatting the card again...

    The other thing, Sony has a bad way of accounting for space. One MegaByte is counted as 1,000 kilobytes. On computers and just about everything else, one megabyte is counted as 1,024 kilobytes. This might seem trivial, but when you get up to 64 and 128 MB capacities, you lose some significant digits...
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    Actually I've tried reformatting the card 3 times with exactly the same results.

    I was well aware that 1024 Kb = 1 Mb but I was not aware that SONY doesn't account for space like everyone else does. Strange, but I don't think that's the problem here.

    BTW, I meant MSImport not MSMount.

    Is it possible that fragmentation is the issue? Can I run disk defragmenter (or Scandisk) on a MS?
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    Hmmm...well, I can't think of much more for you. I dunno of any programs to unfragment mem sticks, I don't even know if they can fragment. I think you got a dud...sorrie! Have to ask some hard core memory stick users...or maybe it's your computer? Maybe you can store 62/63 MB, but your computer reads it as 58 MB, who knows?
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    I have the exact same problem with my 64mb MMC cards. They say 64 megs yet I can only fit about 59-90mb worth of songs on them. The way I look at it, I don't CARE how file systems work, if it says 64mb on it then it needs to hold that much. If that means that the card is actually 68mb then fine. Any way you look at it, it's false advertising. I want to be able to put 64mb of MY FILES on the card, not 60mb of mine and 4 mb of the company's.
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    I would suspect that the missing space is lost to file system overhead similar to the way disk space is lost when a hard drive is formatted.

    With any hard drive, anytime you format it for an OS, you lose a certain percentage of it due to the formatting process, space needed for allocation tables, directory structure, bad sectors, etc.

    Since the Pi* and MS* utilities for accessing memory cards treat the devices like a virtual hard drive, it's going to need to use up some of that space for bookkeeping stuff, like what files are stored where, storing directory structures, etc. same kind of stuff that would be needed for a hard drive.
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    You don't "lose space" when you format a hard drive.
    The FAT and Partition sections of a drive is significantly less than a meg, I would say not more than a couple hundred K.

    The problem is, as mentioned that all "storage" devices count their meg in 1,000's of bytes instead of 1024's.


    1024*64 = 65536.
    1000*64 = 64000.
    Loss of --------------
    Or about a meg and a half.

    as far as what additional files are going on the memory stick, I'm not sure, but thats extra couple meg seems like a mystery.

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